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Great Key Finder

  Reference ID:  q0d2a7r6

  Hashtag:  #keyfinder

  Business:  Cool & Cool

  Category:  Electronics

  People Can Apply:  08/02/2017 - 08/17/2017

  Final Approval Date:  08/22/2017

  Final Shipment Date:  08/24/2017

  Retail purchase price:  $ 29.99

  Discounted purchase price:  $ 5.99

  Shipping options:  Free shipping

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Key Finder

Great Key Finder

Samarali Daniels Samarali Daniels  

I 100% Love This. I Got This Just To See If It Was As Great As I Anticipated. Yes, Yes It Is. It Helps Me Find My Phone As Well As What Ever I Attach It To! I Need More Of These. I Am Going To Get Some For Sebi. Lol. That Child Is Always Losing Things. Lol. He Gets It From His Father. Who May Be Using This One As He Is Constantly Forgetting Where He Put Everything. It Is Super Easy To Use. Just Connect It To Your Phone And Use Your Phone To Find The Fab Or Use The Fab To Find Your Phone. Has 3 Ringtones For Finding Your Phone. Only Thing I Wish Is That The Fab Rung Louder. Now To Find A Way To Attach This To My Vape. Lmfao. I Am Always Wondering Where I Leave That Thing....