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Kendama Samurai Promotion

A fun and simple game for all ages.

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Kendama Samurai

Mojo Kendama with Holder + 5 Extra Strings and Beads + eBook of Tricks Set!

If you love Kendama Toy you will enjoy this Kendama special bundle. This bundle comes with 1 Bamboo Kendama, 1 Kendama Holder and 5 Strings and Beads. Any kids dream bundle.

- Kendama Features:
• A fun and simple game for all ages
• 100% eco-friendly, made of solid bamboo
• Attractive, sturdy design (7.25 inches long)
• Improves hand-eye coordination
• Improves focus, balance & reflexes
• Keeps kids busy & entertained
• Can be used by right- or left-handed people

- Attachable Extras:
• 5 Replacement Strings and Beaeda
• 1 Silicon Holder Case
• 1 eBook of Best Kendama Tricks