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Karma - Marshmallow Roasting Sticks Promotion

High Quality Marshmallow Roasting Sticks Set (4 sticks per unit) for You and Your Family!

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Enhance Your Roasting Experience Now!

- Are you still not ready for the summer camping experience?

- Are you bored of your old, ordinary design roasting stick?

- Does your roasting experience is negatively affected by heat and flames?

- Do you have a hard time to transport or store your old roasting sticks?

If So, KARMA Roasting Sticks are Exactly What You are Looking For!

- High Quality materials used to produce these sticks is exactly what sets apart KARMA's marshmallow roasting sticks from other sticks and ensures long lasting useful life. Telescopic part of each roasting stick is carefully integrated and connected by using highest testing standarts.

- 34.5 inches (handle included) extandable stick is combined with heat resistant wooden handle to prevent you from any flames or heat while enjoying your cooking experience!

- Extraordinary design will help to distinguish yourself from your friends and will level up your cooking experience to even higher level. Wooden handle of a roasting stick has an integrated switcher which will help to change marshmallow cooking side with a single finger touch!

- Compactable size of a KARMA roasting stick will allow easy and efficient transportation and storage.

KARMA International has Fulfilled Hundreds of Customer Needs - It's Time to Fulfill Yours Too!

- For a fun, Old-fashioned cooking experience, use these KARMA Marshmallow Roasting Sticks (4 sticks per unit).These extendable roasting sticks provide safe and fun way to cook everything you wish, including hotdogs and vegetables!

Light Up Your Fire and Enhance Your Roasting Experience Now!