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JustForYou RFID Neck Travel Wallet Promotion

You can wear your wallet under clothes and no one will even notice you have it on.

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JustForYou RFID Neck Travel Wallet

WHY SHALL YOU CHOOSE JUSTFORYOU? - You're tired of endless forgetting your belongings everywhere you stay? - You're afraid your passport can be stolen from your pocket? - You can never find your ID quickly when you need it? - Or you have to dry your documents every rainy day?
NOW YOUR PROBLEMS WILL BE SOLVED ONCE AND FOREVER! - Our NECK TRAVEL WALLET has got a see-through window and 3 large compartments which can contain everything you need during your trip abroad, city excursion, sea voyage or just on your way to work or studies.

- You can wear your wallet under clothes and no one will even notice you have it on. It is extremely comfortable when you need to cross the border and have your ID easy to access.
- And don't worry if you get into rain. The waterproof material and hidden zippers won't let your documents get wet even if you're dripping. - Adjustable neck strap lets you fit the wallet to you and 100% Nylon is easy to handle both sides.
- Our factory has got many year experience in production and delivering goods to European and American marketplaces, because our #1 priority is high quality and satisfied customers. We use only best materials to make our clients absolutely happy!

SO IF YOU STILL HESITATE, STOP IT! YOU'LL NEVER REGRET YOU BOUGHT SUCH A USEFUL WALLET FOR YOURSELF OR YOUR NEAREST AND DEAREST! IT WILL SERVE YOU FOR AGES AND NEVER LET YOU DOWN. Just click the yellow ADD TO CART button above and you will get your own travel wallet with a special PASSPORT BLOCKING SLEEVE and in a cute NON-WOVEN PACKAGE BAG for storage. Only here you can find such set so cost-efficiently! Together with the wallet you get 30 Days No Question Asked Guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with our product. You can get full refund or another wallet for free. NO TIME TO WAIT - IT'S AVAILABLE AT A LOWER PRICE FOR ONLY FEW MORE DAYS!