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Jumping Rope Promotion

Helps develop coordination and conditioning by allowing increase in speed.

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Jumping Rope

High quality speed rope that produces almost frictionless rotations

• Designed to have high flexure and fatigue resistance
• Lightweight and durable handle to prevent hand fatigue during skipping
• Non-slip handle that provides firm grip even in heavy sweat
• Comfortable to hold and spin
• Use of metal ball bearing for connection at 90 degrees prevents breakage & kinking
• Ideal for cardiovascular training, athletic performances and warm ups
• Helps develop coordination and conditioning by allowing increase in speed
• Ideal for double and triple Unders
• Inexpensive yet high-quality adjustable rope for any age and height group
• Provides a smart alternative to running and gym workouts
• 10 minutes of skipping may burn as much calories as 30 minutes of running
• Comes with a free size chart that provides guidance on length for different heights
• Travel-Friendly - Lightweight and comes with a FREE carry bag