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Girls Waterproof Time Teacher Watch Jeremy The Giraffe Promotion

Animated giraffe for the second hand character keeps kids entertained as it moves.

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Girls Waterproof Time Teacher Watch Jeremy The Giraffe

We've updated the packaging on our popular children's time teacher watches and would love to get some feedback and reviews before the upcoming holiday season. We love reviewers who take the time to add a picture or video when leaving a review. Our "Jeremy the Giraffe" watch is perfect for little girls who love giraffes and enjoy going to the zoo. We've pre-packaged this watch to be ready to give as a gift and it includes a special gift card and even a candy treat! Please view the Amazon product detail page for additional product images. We are giving away 5 of these watches to select reviewers.


IT'S WATERPROOF - This Watch can be Worn in the Bath, Shower and even while Swimming! Most of the children's watches on Amazon are not waterproof so it makes us stand out from the bunch!

IT'S REALLY FUN - Animated Giraffe for the Second Hand Character Keeps Kids Entertained as it Moves

IT'S FOR LEARNING TO TELL TIME - Kids can Learn to Tell Time in a Fun and Unique Way - Recommended for Girls Ages 4 to 7

IT'S BEAUTIFULLY PACKAGED - Ships in a Cute Watch Box with Banana Ribbon Accent, Gift Card and Surprise Candy Treat - Makes a Great Birthday or Holiday Gift!

IT'S FOR BACK TO SCHOOL - Perfect Companion for Time Teaching Activities in the Classroom

There is NO COST to the reviewers we select. We cover the cost of the product as well as the shipping cost.

Thanks (a bunch!) for your interest!