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IPhone 7 Wallet Case-Slim-Protective PU Leather Promotion

IExigen wallet case for iPhone 7 handcrafted from premium PU leather.

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IPhone 7 Wallet Case-Slim-Protective PU Leather

IExigen wallet case for iPhone 7 handcrafted from premium PU leather. Cover presents a timeless, elegant, sophisticated look. Latest design and multi - functional of this wallet case are allowing you to stay fashionable in comfortable conditions.

ONLY Work for Apple iPhone 7

Why you'd want to have it:
1. Comfortable wallet case (multi-functional). There are two card slots and one money pocket: Carry around your ID, credit and debit cards, and cash without having to take your wallet with you
2. Quality material: PU Leather and plastic inner frame are comprehensive protection for iPhone 7. Provides ultimate protection from scratches.
3. The magnetic clip allows for quick fastening and access without any hassle
4. Front cover protects your screen when closed with the magnetic clasp
5. Full access to ports and control allows quick and easy access to buttons and port openings.
6. Latest сasual style wallet case design for iPhone 7.

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Maintenance Instruction:
- Keep PU eather dry and ventilated.
- Avoid high temperature, great pressure, mildew, acid, alkali and moist.
- Clean the case lightly with cotton cloth.