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iPhone 6 Screen Protector/2 Packs Promotion

iPhone 6 Screen Protector: 1) perfect fit around the edges of your phone, 2) sticks well and stays on for longer, 3) is crystal clear as if nothing is on it, 4) have a U-shaped cutout at the top, and 5) is high quality product

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iPhone 6 Screen Protector/2 Packs

Here are 5 Reasons You're Going to LOVE Your iPhone 6 Screen Protector:

- Perfect fit around the edges of your phone

- Sticks well and stays on for longer

- Crystal clear as if nothing is on it

- The products also have a U-shaped cutout at the top (for speaker and camera) to ensure iPhone 6 has the protection it deserves at time of launch

- Great quality ensuring you are satisfied with your purchase

Wanting To Experience the Best Quality Screen Protector at Such an Affordable Price?

Screen protectors are so important in maintaining the mint condition of our phone screens. Fixing a broken or heavily damaged screen can end up costing us hundreds of dollars. It is way smarter and intelligent to prevent this problem before it happens. This e simple film screen protection will ensure that your screen does not get scratched, smudged or further damaged, and in addition it will stick wonderfully around the edges of your iPhone 6 while giving you a crystal HD clear vision and functionality.

• E Simple Screen Protectors come as 2 in 1, so you may share it with whomever you wish

• Life Time No Hassle Full Replacement Guarantee!