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iPhone 6 Cover & iPhone 6 Screen Protector Promotion

One of the slimmest cases available. This Ultra Slim iPhone 6 Skin is the perfect choice for you since you are looking for a very thin case to protect your iPhone and keep it elegant and stylish!

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iPhone 6 Cover

- SLIM & MINIMALIST - Being one of the Slimmest Cases available, this Ultra Slim iPhone 6 Skin is the Perfect Choice for You since you are looking for a Very Thin Case to Protect your iPhone and Keep It Elegant and Stylish!

- CRYSTAL CLEAR - It's made out of Super Transparent Thermoplastic Polyurethane so it Doesn't Hide the Original Color and Beauty of Your iPhone! It's Soft On the Outside and you Get a Comfy Feeling when Holding it In Your Hand.

- SCRATCH RESISTANT - Protects Against Scratches or Any Other Damage produced by the objects in your pocket, your purse or by the micro harshness on your desk. The Precise Cutouts make it Fit Perfectly, just like a Custom Made Glove!

- ANTI SLIP - It's the Perfect Solution for the slippery problem of the Apple iPhone 6. The Special Designed Coating of this cover Enhances the Grip and Abolishes Slippery so your iPhone doesn't slip out of your hand anymore!

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