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IPhone 6 Armband Promotion

Experience Your Workout with an Unmatched Quality Armband!

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IPhone 6 Armband

Brand new Seamless iPhone 6 armband

Experience Your Workout with an Unmatched Quality Armband!

- Are you sick of these poor stitched armbands that fall apart in your hands?

- Does your current armband do a poor job of keeping moisture away from your iPhone 6?

- Don't you want to simply focus on your workout without having the distraction of your loose headphone wire?

The Brand New Seamless iPhone 6 Armband Designed by Bolt Solves All Your Issues!

1. Flawless non-stitch craft to provide you with an unmatched quality of armband.

2. Constructed with lycra and polyurethane leather with a mesh design to provide optimal resistance to moisture.

3. Strong Velcro adjustable mesh strap with an innovative stopper to accommodate larger arms.

4. Includes a key slot, Card/Money pouch, and headphone cord holder.

Amazon Buyers Expect Top Quality Products. We Don't Expect To Fall Short Of That.

Which is why You are Backed by Our Lifetime Warranty.

Product Features:

- Ultra-thin made with 1 mm of lycra and polyurethane leather for the iPhone 6 (4.7")

- Crafted strong with a clean seamless design to ensure durability

- Breathable mesh to reduce moisture and cool skin

- Headphone cord holder to reduce annoying distractions

- Convenient key and card/money slot to reduce number of items on your person