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Huuman ZaZa Selfie Stick Promotion

ZAZA Selfie Stick: The ideal travel companion!

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Huuman ZaZa Selfie Stick


Are you a selfie enthusiast wanting wider backgrounds or unique angles?

Then the ZaZa is perfect for you!

Extendable handheld monopod rises above crowds, capturing great action or group shots.

BLUETOOTH REMOTE SHUTTER UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE WITH SMARTPHONES:Including but not limited to: Apple iPhones (4,5,6/6plus - IOS 7, 8+), Samsung Galaxy Tab or Note (3,4,5,6 - Android), or Blackberry (Windows).

ALL-WEATHER DURABLE GRIP:Water-resistant, sweat-proof handle forms to your hand for secure grip in any weather.

Ideal for outdoor sports & travel photography.

PADDED ADJUSTABLE CLIP AND SCREW MOUNT:Grips most mobiles securely even with a case.

No slippage even fully extended.

Use clip 2 ways or attach camera/GoPro to mount.

INTEGRATED RECHARGEABLE BATTERY:Charges by mini usb using your computer, laptop, wall adapter or portable charger. You'll be ready to use Zaza in about 1 hour.

CARRYING POUCH INCLUDED:Handy case makes it easy to bring with you anywhere.

GREAT GIFT IDEA FOR HIM, HER OR ANYONE:Best electronic cell phone accessory gift for anyone: mom, dad, husband, wife, kid, son, daughter, teen, boyfriend, girlfriend, college student, teacher, or best friend.

Fun for holidays and events: Christmas, Valentine's, Bachelorette, Stag, Retirement, Baby Shower or Graduation.

ZaZa is sure to be a hit as it's one of the most fun, cool and unique electronic gifts you can give!

PACKAGE:• 1 ZaZa selfie shooting monopod (97cm) • 1 phone clip • 1 mini usb cable • 1 case