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Huixinda 15W LED Grow Light Promotion Promotion

Huixinda plant lamp.

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Huixinda 15W LED Grow Light Promotion

UPGRADED MATERIAL - Huixinda plant lamp's face mask and light body are both used in pure aircraft-grade aluminum , greatly enhanced the lamp's heat dissipation, increase the service life of lamps.

LONG LASTING & LOW COST MAINTENANCE - The Huixinda LED Grow Light lasts for 50,000 hours; 30 times longer than traditional grow bulbs. The energy consumption is much lower than traditional halogen and incandescent lights; the Huixinda LED Grow Light consumes up to 80% less energy than standard lighting systems. Run the light each day as long as needed without the need to worry for heat or high energy costs.

PROMOTES HEALTHY & STRONG PLANTS - The LED Grow Light has been optimized to produce the most efficient wavelengths of light to produce peak photosynthesis performance whether you are growing plants in your garden or some fresh vegetables.

ANYWHERE CAN USE - You can used this lamp in your home, garage, greenhouse or anywhere you want. The Huixinda plant growing lighting is designed to fit standard E27 socket, brilliant all metal housing, Easy to set up and use - no special lamp needed, a desk lamp will do.

INDOOR LIGHTING EQUIVALENT TO SUNLIGHT - The Huixinda LED Grow Light features full spectrum Red and Blue colors. The sun emits light in all colors of the visible spectrum, but light in the blue and red ranges is most important for plant growth, and is what has the positive effects on plants. All flowering plants require large amounts of red light in order to bloom, and blue light promotes lush, compact foliage growth. Red light powers and promotes photosynthesis, the process by which they produce food for themselves. Blue light promotes healthy productivity such as blooming and creating seeds. Other than these, plants use little of the rest of spectrum. The Huixinda Grow Light is scientifically calculated and features the perfect blend of red and blue light to effectively mimic the natural sun's rays benefits.