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HOME SO Towel Hook W/ Powerful Suction Cup Holder Promotion

Thanks to the innovative twist & lock feature, installation on any smooth surface is done in seconds.

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HOME SO Towel Hook W/ Powerful Suction Cup Holder


Home SO's Heavy-Duty Double Hooks are equipped with a unique "Twist-&-Lock Suction Vacuum Technology", making them far stronger than their competitors. With no tools required, you can now easily install two elegant hooks and hold anything up to 30 lbs, anywhere around your house!Unlike cheaper alternatives, the Double Hooks are crafted with Top-Grade 304 Stainless Steel, while the suction cup is made of ABS Chrome & Natural Rubber. These high-end materials guarantee the most Long-lasting, Waterproof and Rustproof vacuum! We are confident in the Superior Strength of this product, and offer all our customers a 100% Money-Back Guarantee!


Thanks to the innovative Twist & Lock feature, installation on any smooth surface* is done IN SECONDS. Unlike other wall-mounted or self-adhesive hardware, Home SO's products can easily be removed without leaving holes, marks or sticky residue! (Perfect if you're renting, isn't it?)
The modern design makes a stylish and convenient addition, anywhere at home. Imagine the possibilities:
- Choose the perfect spot for easy access to your towels, right out of the shower.
- Place it on your glass, mirrors or tiles to hang your bathroom essentials.
- Install it on your fridge to speed up your efficiency in the kitchen.
- And many more!...


Works best on smooth and non-porous surfaces, such as: Porcelain tiles, Glass, Mirrors, Stainless steel, Quartz, Acrylic shower walls, Plastic, Laminate, etc...
Do not place over grout lines or on porous surfaces, such as: MARBLE, GRANITE, Painted wall, Wood plank, Rustic, Mosaic or Travertine tiles, Wallpaper, etc...