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Hero Hammocks Basic Hammock Tree Straps Promotion

One of the lightest hammock tree straps on the market.

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Hero Hammocks Basic Hammock Tree Straps

Try our Hero Hammocks Basic Straps - Polypropylene Hammock Tree Straps - for your everyday hammock needs.

These NON-STRETCH Black straps with silver ring are the simplest straps for easy hammock setting up and pulling down. One of the lightest hammock tree straps on the market, our Hero Hammock Basic Straps are all you need to get started in hammocking...and beyond.

Affordably priced, we ensure the utmost care is taken during manufacturing to ensure safety first. The typical parachute hammock supports 400 pounds in weight, and as a hammock is only as strong as its weakest link, each strap will safely support 200 pounds, making them the ideal partner to your favorite hammock. The last thing you need is to go bump in the night! Grab a pair today.