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HD 30 Oz Tumbler Travel Cup Promotion

Keep your drink ice-cold or piping hot

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HD 30 Oz Tumbler Travel Cup

Keep your drink Ice-cold or Piping hot
Double Wall Vacuum Insulated technology makes for extreme temperature retention
Keeps Cold drinks COLD over 24 hours and Hot drinks Hot for over 8 hours
Keeps your drink the perfect temperature

TWO LIDS INCLUDED for both Hot and Cold beverages
One Spill Proof Slider Lid - Prevent spills when on the go. The lid also helps to hold both heat and ice in your cup even longer
One Open Mouth Lid - Designed to fit a straw perfectly
Crystal Clear and 100% BPA Free Easily see your favorite drink right to the last sip Premium Quality 18/8 Stainless Steel Kitchen Grade Construction
Extremely Durable drinking cup built for where ever life might take you
No Metallic after taste Built-to-Last a lifetime
Our tumblers are made with superior quality and individually hand inspected before the shipment to you

NO SWEAT - NO CONDENSATION - NO COASTER! The double wall design completely prevents any temperature transfer to the exterior wall of the cup
Your cup will always remain a comfortable temperature for you to hold
The no sweat design means no condensation on your cup and eliminates the need for a coaster
Fits Standard Cupholders
Narrow & Tall Design helps our cup to fit most standard cup holders
The HD tumblers are designed to last a LIFETIME
Great gift for any occasion, perfect mug for athletes, students, teachers, professionals, beach lovers, road trippers, drivers, party fans, camping addicts, BBQ enthusiats, boaters, fishermen, hunters, tailgaters

Tina Ha Tina Ha  

Better alternative to the yeti tumbler. This 30 oz stainless steel tumbler holds ice for 24 hours! Even keeps hot liquid hot the whole day. Perfect for going to the park, museums, sports events, etc. What's also great is that part of the purchase price goes to charity! @herodonations #herodonationstumblerhd #herodonations
Bridgette Mahmood Bridgette Mahmood  

#herodonations #tumbler #30oz #stainlesssteel
La-Shawn Castings La'Shawn Castings  

A no make up kinda monday. I feel like my coffee should be through an IV today. Th next best thing is through my @herodonations cup snd straw. Makes my ice coffee so cold! Yum! #coffe #nomakeup #monday #gotitfree
Kate Jensen Kate Jensen  

HD 30 Oz Tumbler Travel Cup #ProductReview. Love the cup, the two tops and the metal straw. Stainless steel rocks and a option of the proceeds go to charities!
Trish Keenan Trish Keenan  

This cup is so much better than the Yeti Cup! #HeroDonations #gotitfreeforreview #amazon
Jason Morris Jason Morris  

I am very pleased with my double wall vacuum tumbler from Herodonations. This easily became my favorite tumbler! Being that it is 30 oz. I can keep more drink in without having to refill it all the time. I would compare this to the Yeti tumblers, but I do prefer this one much better. This tumbler is also extremely easily to grip despite its size. This also comes with two lids, Stainless Steel Straw and cleaning brush. So I would not hesitate to advise you to buy this cup and probably will buy another one for myself. This would also make a great gift for a friend or maybe as a birthday gift #herodonations #tumblr #followforfollow #sparetimereview
David Snipe David Snipe  

I had this 30z ‪#‎herodonationstumblerhd‬ full and cool all weekend. @herodonations makes this excellent tumbler and your purchase contributes to charities, organizations and people in need globally. Grab one here:
Frine Jacks-Leed Frine Jacks-Leed  

love this tumbler. really does keep your beverages cold!
Milanie Le Milanie Le  

Yet another tumbler, forget a Yeti! #gotitfree I used to carry my plain plastic tumbler around but it cracked... So now having this, I got no worries!
Tammy Lule Tammy Lule  

Hero Donations 30 OZ tumbler is a stainless steel double wall vacuum insulated tumbler. This tumbler is BPA free as well as ECO- friendly. I love that this tumbler comes with many accessories (one open mouth lid and one sliding lid) (one cleaning brush and a stainless steel straw). I love that this tumbler has no funny aftertaste and keeps my coffee piping hot. I love the sliding lid for a easy on the go way to keep your coffee super hot and spillproof. This is a very well insulated tumbler, I have used this tumbler for hot coffee, soda and icetea so far. This product goes above and beyond my expectations and definitely keeps the temperature just right for me to enjoy throughout the day. I love that this insulated tumbler is not breakable, I have broken so many coffee cups and glass cup during washing dishes or falling. This tumbler is easy to hand wash, the lids are also so easy to wash by hand and is also dishwasher safe. I absolutely love that with every purchase donations go to people in need. It's makes the name Hero Donations much more inspiring and much more willing for me to make a purchase. This product comes nicely boxed with a 100% lifetime guarantee. I received this product at a discounted price for my honest review. I would defiantly recommend this product to others great for traveling or the office and on the go. Easy to wash, use and keeps drinks ice cold/piping hot.
Blakeleigh Bagwell Blakeleigh Bagwell  

Melody Gravitt Melody Gravitt  

#herodonationstumblerhd This is a wonderful 30 ounce double wall Tumbler. Keeps ice from melting for over 10 hours. Keep your coffee hot also. I love it.
Sandy Davis Sandy Davis  

II made my first drink of today in this at approximately 6a.m.. I left home around 7:30a.m. and drove all over town in this Alabama heat for nearly 4 hours. Of course, I filled the tumbler about half full of ice, and to my surprise I still had half a cup of ice with no more tea! They fit in cupholders just like a normal cup or mug and you can grip them in your hand just the same. The stainless steel gives it a high class look, and because it comes with an extra lid and straw, the price is just right!
Tammy White Tammy White  

I love my polar cup from Hero Donations. It worked all day to keep my drinks super cold. I use it all day, every day. #herodonations #polarcup
Cassandra Booth-Castaneda Cassandra Booth-Castaneda There are no words to describe how much I love this tumbler. No matter what I put in, it just stays at that temperature. And at a fraction of the cost of the other guys! #giveawayservice #amazon #herodonationstumblerhd
Mary Carnes Mary Carnes  

operation see every mural in SD before I move is underway! Kelsey Brookes - One Pointed Attention @ 7835 Ivanhoe Ave (thanks @herodonations for my awesome tumbler!)
Ruy Morris Ruy Morris  

I received a discount on one of these HD 30oz Vacuum Insulated Tumbler from Giveaway Service in exchange for an honest review. This fancy tumbler is made of durable stainless steel and has a nice finish, and it comes with two different transparent lids (one spill-proof slider & one open mouth) that seal extremely well and are 100% BPA free. Also, it's cupholder size and will keep your beverage warm or cool for hours.
Pat Gower Pat Gower  

HD Tumbler. It is by far the most impressive that I have had the chance of using. Drinks will stay cold for hours.
Gabby Ferguson Gabby Ferguson  

Pretty much obsessed with my new cup! Stainless steel, including the straw, BPA free, 100% lifetime guarantee, can be used for hot OR cold beverages and keeps your drink hot/cold for 8+ hours! If that isn't enough, the company Hero Donations donates part of it's sales to charities! This will be my go-to late night nursing cup when the babies get here! (Note: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.)
Jennifer Ricaurte Jennifer Ricaurte  

I was able to test out this awesome 30oz tumbler from Hero Donations. It is stainless steel, BPA free and are meant to last a lifetime. It comes with a hot cover and a cold top, including a straw and a straw cleaner. I've used it for my juices and it has kept them cold with no condensation. I'm more than thrilled with this tumbler. Not to mention.. Every purchase donates to a very deserving charity. *i received this product at a discount in return for an honest review* #giveawayservice #herodonationstumblerhd #tumbler #review
Russ Mitchell Russ Mitchell  

Hero Donations
Rich Klingler Rich Klingler  

Funny picture, Right!! Actually it's a water filter, and quite possibly the best one out there. My rural water sucks, from debris in it to E.coli. Anyway, I bought this filter and decided to write a review, so here it is: USE: With all the parts, it looks like this filter should give you perfectly clean and un-pouted water. First time setup is simple but a challenge for some people. You have to soak the ceramic part and them scrub it. You have to boil the little rock like things. You have to figure out how everything goes together. I have uploaded some pictures that should help. Anyway, it is not hard to do and is not difficult to figure out and only needs to be done once. Now you just fill it up. The next morning you turn the tap and out comes fresh refreshing clean un-polluted water. I think it even takes out pesky critters like E.coli. It really works well and looks cool on the counter. It does take up some space but considering what it does, you shouldn't mind. If you don't believe me, just open up one of those pitcher filters or even your expensive refrigerator filter. Basically what the small filters do is make the water taste good with charcoal. The charcoal takes out some of the bad flavor and the filter also traps larger particles. The LeDoux filter does not let anything pass. Every single drop must run through it's extensive filtering process. Talk about getting every particle. I tested the ceramic piece. I first soaked and scrubbed it as per the instructions. Then I filled it with water to see how fast water runs through it. Water just slowly drips out of it. This proves that if water flows that slowly through this big surface area ceramic thing, the pores are so tiny, they catch or don't allow anything but pure water.
Dr DK Dr DK  

Do people buy stuff from companies that donate part of the proceeds to charities...what drives the purchase...the products?..the charity?...the feeling of Good will?...i ended up buying tumbler from such a company..thinking I need this..and even if I don't like helps a good cause...thus a guilt free purchase
Marta Paz Marta Paz  

Received my Tumbler. It's the best cup I've ever owned. Fill it with ice and it keeps for over 24 hours without the ice melting. Comes with two lids. One to insert your straw the other lid to sip and then close so the liquid doesn't spill. It also brings a little brush so that you can clean the inside of the straw. I love it.
Maddie Grz Maddie Grz  

Awesome cup from @herodonations! I'm seriously in love with it. Love my ice and now I don't have to worry about room temperature drinks! I used to be known for my giant *$ cup but it's been shelved. After 12 hours and it's still full of ice! 24, and it's still got some! I'm super impressed. Plus, they donate to charity! Ya can't beat that! #handsoffitsmine #getyourown #herodonationstumblerhd #keepitcold #herodonations
Andrea Nikole Andrea Nikole  

Best cup I have ever gotten. Write up there with the Yeti. It keeps drinks both hot and cold which is a plus since most cups do either one or the other. 10/10.
Alisia Bradshaw Alisia Bradshaw  

Julez Myers Julez Myers  

These hot days can end soon! ☀️ @herodonations
Sheryl Jefferies Sheryl Jefferies  

And now for a word from our sponsor. Hero Donations brand. Just as good as Yeti. 30 ounces. Available on amazon. Comes with two lids, straw, and cleaning brush for the straw. Good deal. Search HD tumbler to find it on amazon.
Sharyl Wolter Sharyl Wolter  

If one can be addicted to ice water, I am. This is my 4th stainless steel tumbler. Actually, this one is for my niece. I didn't realize until this morning, when I was writing my Amazon review, that part of the proceeds go to the Steven Avery Legal Defense Fund. My niece watched, and was drawn into the series, Making a Murderer. This tumbler comes with 2 lids, stainless steel straw and straw cleaner. A teriffic value and a great gift!
Katlyn Crews Katlyn Crews  

#herodonations #tumblr #vinyl I absolutely love this 30oz tumbler. Finally able to find a tumbler that keeps ice siting through a soccer game
Kaynyn Carpenter Kaynyn Carpenter  

During the #hot #summer #days all I want is #ice #cold #water and this 30 oz #stainlesssteel #tumbler keeps ice for up to 24 hours!!! ICE- 24 hours later #WOW #herodonations #amazon #giveawayservice #productreview It comes with 2 different lids, a straw and cleaning brush!
Robert Howard Robert Howard  

Wow! I cannot say enough good about this mug. Don't spend your money on a Yeti, get a HD Tumbler instead. This is a high quality item and you won't be disappointed. I mixed a couple of cocktails in this beauty and was very impressed by how cold it kept the drinks. I also love that it has a metal straw so that if my wife takes a sip she can't bite the damn straw!! :) The straw gets a little condensation on it, but none on the cup. I left ice in this overnight to see just how well it could maintain the cold. I left the lid on, but the straw was in it. (the cup was not completely sealed.) I was shocked to find the ice, nearly all intact the next morning. It had been at least 7 hours. The 2 lids are very well made, not fragile or brittle feeling. They fit snugly and prevent spills. Seriously, this cup is one of the best surprises I've had recently. I've been using a Tervis plastic insulated cup and they are not even in the same league. Get the HD! Disclaimer: I was given a discount on this item in exchange for testing it and giving my unbiased and honest review of this product.
Alexandra Alvarado Alexandra Alvarado  

I am going to review a tumbler that I got to try out. This HD 30oz Tumbler is great for work. On hot summer days o can put anything cold in there and it will literally stay cold for the whole time I am at work. I have yet to try it on a cold day for my hot drinks. But it works so well with cold drinks and it comes with two different tops that are see through but are hard to pop off because of the rubber and silicone it has so it's harder for big spills to happen. It also came with a stainless steel straw and a brush to clean it with! It's always a good thing to include a cleaning product with something that is so hard to clean without it otherwise. It's so big but it doesn't "sweat" because it's double insulated. Glad I got to try it out!
Robert Santana Robert Santana  

This is a super tumbler that includes some great bonuses like an extra splash proof lid and straw.
Paula Stewart Paula Stewart  

This Tumbler Does Keep Drinks Cold 24 HRS - See our Review Here: Want your own #herodonationstumblerhd GET ONE HERE:
Crystal Gregg Crystal Gregg  

My neighbor, Kim is obsessed with her #herodonations 30oz stainless steel tumbler. It keeps ice cold water for 2 days even when left in her hot car.