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Happy Hydro LED Loupe - 30x & 60x Magnification Promotion

See what the naked eye cannot with two LED-illuminated lenses.

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Happy Hydro LED Loupe - 30x & 60x Magnification

MAKE PROFESSIONAL ASSESSMENTS of gemstones and collectibles, or inspect plants for signs of bugs, molds or mildews. See what the naked eye cannot with two LED-illuminated lenses

SUPERIOR OPTICAL GLASS provides amazing clarity of details on jewelry, electronic micro-parts, paper currency and resin glands of cannabis plants

DUAL LENSES in one compact folding magnifier. Primary lens: 30x22mm; supplementary lens is 60x12mm. Examine the most minute diamond inclusions or evaluate plant potency with ease

BRIGHT LED LIGHT lets you see details even in low-light or darkness. Uses 3 LR1130 batteries, which we include with your purchase. A carrying case is included as well for the unit's protection

IMPACT-RESISTANT ABS FRAME endures drops and shocks while eliminating hand fatigue. Beveled rims and flip cover with thumb grove prevent scratches to lenses. Lightweight and compact portability