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Happy Hydro Curved Tip Plant Pruning Scissors Promotion

Precision curved blade. Comfort grip handle. Built-in safety lock. Corrosion-resistant. Gentle spring action.

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Happy Hydro Curved Tip Plant Pruning Scissors

PRECISION CURVED BLADE ideal for hydroponic or window box gardening, including herbs and medical marijuana

COMFORT GRIP HANDLE is ideal for gardeners with arthritis or those with restricted hand strength. Reduces hand fatigue during use

BUILT-IN SAFETY LOCK keeps the razor sharp blades securely closed until you're ready to open them. Hang them in your shed or carry them in a tool box

CORROSION-RESISTANT stainless steel maintains razor-sharp edges for years of clean, consistent cuts and gardening pleasure

GENTLE SPRING ACTION opens and closes blades smoothly, snip after snip, to deter blisters and reduce strain on your hands and wrists