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80% Off Drama-Free Periods

Get 12-hour leak protection & save hundreds of dollars a year on period products!

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Halo Cups

Halo Cups are FDA-registered menstrual cups that replace the need for thousands of tampons and pads - and trips to the bathroom during that time of the month. Inserted like a tampon, Halo molds to your shape & movement, holds 3-4 times the capacity of a tampon or pad, and offers 12-hour leak protection. Best of all, Halo Cups are reusable for up to a year, saving you hundreds of dollars! Made of 100% medical-grade silicone in the U.S.A., Halo Cups are good for your body, environment, and wallet!

Dimensions: 2.75" long x 1.81" outside diameter; 40 ml

Emily Whitfield Emily Whitfield  

Alright men, this post is so not for you, just keep scrolling
Deb Hernandez Deb Hernandez  

Tired of using chemical filled tampons? The #Halo Maxi is the most comfortable, and safe alternative. Easy to use, and saves you a ton of money. Order yours here:
Brandi Cotton Brandi Cotton  

Okay, I'm about to get a little tmi. Please bear with me! I don't know who decided that pads and tampons were the way to go with this menstrual cycle thing, but they definitely had it wrong. Menstrual cups are the best. Before you give me the, "Ew, that's gross!", think about it. Chemical-filled pads and tampons aren't? Medical-grade silicone that you clean and sterilize yourself sounds like a much better option to me. Also, I kind of like not having to worry about toxic shock syndrome. I'm just saying! I've tried a couple cups, the Blossom Cup and the Halo Cup. My oldest daughter, 12, had no issues inserting the Halo but couldn't use the prior. So, thanks to Halo she's now converted. I definitely prefer my Halo. I doubt I'll try another! Here's a link to check it out!