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80% Off Drama-Free Periods

Get 12-hour leak protection & save hundreds of dollars a year on period products!

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Halo Cups

Halo Cups are FDA-registered menstrual cups that replace the need for thousands of tampons and pads - and trips to the bathroom during that time of the month. Inserted like a tampon, Halo molds to your shape & movement, holds 3-4 times the capacity of a tampon or pad, and offers 12-hour leak protection. Best of all, Halo Cups are reusable for up to a year, saving you hundreds of dollars! Made of 100% medical-grade silicone in the U.S.A., Halo Cups are good for your body, environment, and wallet!

Dimensions: 2.75" long x 1.81" outside diameter; 40 ml