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Hair Growth Oil & Anti-hair Loss Scalp Treatment 4 Oz Lemongrass & Rosemary Promotion

Help your scalp to grow better, stronger and healthier hair!

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Hair Growth Oil & Anti-hair Loss Scalp Treatment 4 Oz Lemongrass & Rosemary

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Anti DHT: Saw Palmetto's active ingredient blocks 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT and has been shown to have synergistic therapeutic effects. Treats hair loss, stimulates hair growth and blocks the effects of testosterone within the skin. Rosemary Essential Oil stimulates cell division and dilates blood vessels and, in turn, stimulates hair follicles into producing new hair growth.

ALOPECIA and HAIR THINNING PREVENTION: Rosemary contains URSOLIC ACID which helps to increase scalp circulation. Ursolic acid and its isomer, oleanolic acid, are working to support hair growth and prevent scalp irritation. Both triterpenoid compounds encourage hair growth by stimulating the peripheral blood flow in the scalp and activating the hair mother cells. They also furnish alopecia-preventing and dandruff-preventing effects.

NEW & IMPROVED: Natural Strong and effective Anti-DHT & Androgenetic Alopecia Fighting scalp and hair oil formula for men and women. 100% ORGANIC INGREDIENTS. VITAMIN ENRICHED. STIMULATES & REFRESHES SCALP. YOU FEEL IT WORKING!

PROPER SCALP HYDRATION & CARE: Help your scalp to grow better more strong and healthy hair! Like all other skin on your face or body, the scalp also has to be protected and properly hydrated. If it isn't that leads to extra sebum production or scalp dryness. Lemongrass Essential Oils has strong antibacterial qualities, so it improves scalp condition for successful hair growth. Rosemary Essential Oil is also beneficial for dry and flaky scalps due to its extra untibacterial properties.


Shipping $4.99

Amanda Schwantes Amanda Schwantes  

Https:// So, Not Only Is This Hair Product Great To Wake You Up In Morning, By Putting It In Your Eye, It Is Actually Supposed To Promote Hair Growth And Scalp Health. I Love All The Natural Oils (such As: Lemongrass, Argon, Eucalyptus, And Peppermint). The Scent Is Invigorating And The Oils Leave A Tingly Sensation On Your Scalp. I Am Always Fighting Dry Scalp And This Has Been A Great Help With That! To Use The Product You Apply It Your Scalp Via The Provided Dropper, Massage In With Finger Tips, And Let It Remain For 20 Minutes. Then, Wash Out Using Your Normal Styling Products. Check Out The Link Below If You Are Interested!! PS.... IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE IN THE EYE, AND USE IN EYE MAY RESULT IN SEARING PAIN.
Marta Paz Marta Paz  

Great for hair loss
Ruy Morris Ruy Morris  

I tried this product called Hair Growth Botanical Renovation Anti-hair Loss Hair Oil Scalp Treatment from Hair Growth Botanical Renovation, and I loved it. This product comes in a nice green glass bottle, and it has 100% botanical organic ingredients, which is important to me. My goal is to have new, healthy hair growth, and I could definitely feel it stimulating my scalp. Also, you can add a few drops of this product to regular shampoo and make your own scalp stimulating shampoo. I received this product from Giveaway Service in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services that I like and use personally.
Cassie Nightingale Cassie Nightingale  

Colin Rader Colin Rader  

i got this at a discount to give my review. this is good and makes my hair smell good and look good too
Monica Beeman Monica Beeman  

So I've Been Reviewing This Product Called "hair Growth Oil & Anti-hair Loss Scalp Treatment" Using Lemongrass And Rosemary Botanical Oils. It Smells SO Good!! I Apply It Directly To My Scalp First Thing In The Morning When I Wake Up And Then Go About My Routine Of Brushing My Teeth, Letting The Dogs Out, Etc, And Then Jump In The Shower To Shampoo It Out. It Starts To Tingle When I Towel Dry My Hair! It Will Be A While Before I Can Comment On Growth, But I Have Noticed My Hair Is Smoother Near The Scalp And I'm Losing Fewer Strands. Want To Give It A Try? Go To And Search For The Product Named Above Or Go To Https:// *I Received This Product On A Promotional Discount For My Honest Review And They Are 100% My Own Opinions. I Received No Compensation For This Review And I Am Not Required To Give A Positive Review. I Am Also Not Associated With The Seller In Any Way
Amanda Schwantes Amanda Schwantes  

Weird picture, right? I am trying to get a good picture of all the baby hairs my new hair product is sprouting. My hair is just not as thick as it used to be and I wanted to try something natural to promote scalp health and get it growing again. This Lemongrass and Rosemary treatment totes a handfull of natural essential oils, smells great, and feels invigorating. My scalp feels great and I am seeing lots baby hair growth. You can check it out here, if interested:
Colin Rader Colin Rader  

Https:// I Got This At A Discount To Give My Honest Review. This Is Pretty Good Stuff. It Smells Good And Helped My Hair Look Shinier And More Healthy. I Will Continue My Use To See If It Will Help My Gair Grow Faster
Joanna Neal Joanna Neal  

Janerry Jimenez Janerry Jimenez  

Ruy Morris Ruy Morris  

I Tried A Product Called Hair Growth Botanical Renovation Anti-hair Loss Hair Oil Scalp Treatment From Hair Growth Botanical Renovation, And I Loved It. This Product Comes In A Nice Green Glass Bottle, And It Has 100% Botanical Organic Ingredients, Which Is Important To Me. My Goal Is To Have New, Healthy Hair Growth, And I Could Definitely Feel It Stimulating My Scalp. Also, You Can Add A Few Drops Of This Product To Regular Shampoo And Make Your Own Scalp Stimulating Shampoo. I Received This Product From Giveaway Service In Exchange For An Honest Review. Regardless, I Only Recommend Products Or Services That I Like And Use Personally.
Bridgette Mahmood Bridgette Mahmood  

If your losing hair, this product works. Nice lemongrass and rosemary scent. It's all natural. #hairgrowthbotanical #hairgrowthbotanicalrenovation #hair #healthy #organic #natural #growth
Tiffeny Monson Tiffeny Monson  

100% Botanical Organic Ingredients In This Formula Improves Scalp Condition For Successful Hair Growth. Lemongrass Unique Oil's Properties Have The Ability To Penetrate The Hair Cortex, Filling In Gaps And Damage, Resulting In Shinier And More Manageable Hair. Rosemary Contains Ursolic Acid Which...
Donia Gonzales Copeland Donia Gonzales Copeland  

Hair Growth Oil & Anti-hair Loss Scalp Treatment 4 Oz Lemongrass & Rosemary. By Green Touch Beauty.
Janerry Jimenez Janerry Jimenez  

Mail, mail & more mail
Bridgette Mahmood Bridgette Mahmood  

I Have Been Gradually Losing Some Hair When I Shampoo, Or Brush My Hair. And It's A Pretty Good Amount. I Don't Know If It's Because I Am Getting Older, Or Too Much Stress. I Was Looking For A Product To Help Me With The Hair Loss. I Saw This While Searching On Amazon, And I Decided That I Would Try It. The Smell Is Really Awesome. A Nice Scent Of Rosemary And Lemongrass. The Serum Has A Little Texture To It. It's Not Really Runny. Directions To Apply A Few Drops At A Time To Each Section Of The Scalp. Keep Repeating Until The Whole Scalp Is Covered. Then You Wait About 20 Minutes, And You Can Shampoo As Normal. You Are Supposed To Do A Patch Test First, To Make Sure You Are Not Sensitive To Any Of The Ingredients. What I Like About This Product Is It's All Natural. 100% Organic Ingredients. Detox Formula. Paraben Free. Vitamin Enriched. No Mineral Oil. No Parabens. No Hormones. Holistic Formula. Stimulates & Refreshes The Scalp. I Have Been Using The Product Now For About 2 Weeks. My Hair Does Fill Thicker. And I Am Starting To See Baby Hairs Growing In. I Am Very Happy With My Purchase. I Think The Product Is A Good Value Considering The Quality Of The Product. I Was Given This Product For Free, Or At A Reduced Price, For My Honest And Truthful Unbiased Review. All Opinions Are My Own. I Am A Consumer. I Personally Buy And Use Every Product I Review. Https://
Donia Gonzales Copeland Donia Gonzales Copeland  

Scalp treatment.
Monica Beeman Monica Beeman  

So I've been reviewing this product called "hair growth oil & anti-hair loss scalp treatment" using Lemongrass and Rosemary botanical oils. It smells SO good!! I apply it directly to my scalp first thing in the morning when I wake up and then go about my routine of brushing my teeth, letting the dogs out, etc, and then jump in the shower to shampoo it out. It starts to tingle when I towel dry my hair! It will be a while before I can comment on growth, but I have noticed my hair is smoother near the scalp and I'm losing fewer strands. Want to give it a try? Go to and search for the product named above or go to *I received this product on a promotional discount for my honest review and they are 100% my own opinions. I received no compensation for this review and I am not required to give a positive review. I am also not associated with the seller in any way
Donna Williams Donna Williams  

Need Help With Hair Growth? Check It Out!