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GoodBulb 60 Watt Half-Chrome Bulb Promotion

GoodBulb 60 Watt Half-Chrome Bulb

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  Hashtag:  #halfchrome

  Business:  GoodBulb

  Category:  Home & Living

  People Can Apply:  04/07/2017 - 04/22/2017

  Final Approval Date:  04/27/2017

  Final Shipment Date:  04/29/2017

  Retail purchase price:  $ 5.99

  Discounted purchase price:  $ 1.49

  Shipping options:  Free shipping

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GoodBulb 60 Watt Half-Chrome Bulb

GoodBulb 60 Watt Half-Chrome Bulb

Sally Thompson Sally Thompson  

I Love Purchasing From GoodBulb Just Because They Have An Excellent Business Morale And Give Back To Those In Need. But, That Aside, The Bulbs Are Just Good Quality. This Is My Third Purchase From …
Christa Bella Christa Bella  

Anyone Ever Try One Of These Light Bulbs? I Found They Are Quite Useful...especially In Locations Where You Need Diffused Light Or Where You Might End Up Looking Right Into The Light Bulb (such As Floor Lamps Or Closets). They Give The Phrase 'chrome Dome' A Whole New Meaning. Https://