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Good State's Liquid Ionic Minerals Boron Promotion

Absorbs much better than pills! 96 days supply.

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Good State's Liquid Ionic Minerals Boron

Boron, Brains & Bones
Underappreciated! That’s the one word we think of when we talk about boron with your customers. Many of the other minerals get the spotlight, while poor boron is left backstage.
But the absorption of calcium can be limited without boron. If you are getting in your daily RDA of 1,200mg, but your body absorbs only part of it, that’s not good for aging and stiff bones.

Boron also helps strengthen both magnesium and vitamin D in your body. That’s good news and peace of mind for those of you who aren’t getting in enough of these nutrients.

Many people take mega doses of vitamins and minerals because they think more is better. But taking the right synergistic (working together) nutrients and how well they absorb in your body are more important.

And to steal the spotlight, the boron mineral “feeds your brain” for memory and attention span, in addition to improving your mood.

If you keep forgetting where you parked at the mall, or if you lose attention during a conversation or watching TV, try Liquid Ionic Boron to see for yourself.

The Name, Liquid Ionic Boron is Why Many of our Customers Are Trying it, and Why you Should too
1. It is a liquid that replaces big, dry pills.
2. It absorbs faster and more efficiently than traditional pills.
3. It is concentrated: More water is taken out, while more of the boron is left in.
4. It is an ionized mineral.

This supplement is also vegetarian friendly.

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What is Ionic?
Ionized means to convert wholly or partly into ions.
An ion is any atom that has a positive or a negative charge. A positively charged ion will hook up with a negatively-charged one. Then it turns into something new and available.