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Goldenwide® USB Memory Card Reader & 22 Slots SD Card Case Promotion

Reads and writes information from and to all cards. Ideal for easy travel.

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Goldenwide® USB Memory Card Reader & 22 Slots SD Card Case

All in 1 Reader / Writer:
- Reads and Writes information from and to all cards
- Ideal for easy travel and lightweight
- Rapid Data Transfer
- Comes with a built in USB
- Memory Card(s) NOT included

Universal memory cards carrying case:
- Water repellent / Anti-static inner material
- total of 8 semi-transparent frosted bag, accommodating a total of 22 card compartments
- 18 slots for SD/SDHC/MMC/xD/Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo/MiniSD or MicroSD (in adapter)
- 4 slots for CF cards/SmartMedia/MicroDrive or Nintendo DS games
- Color: Black
- Memory cards not included.

Package Includes:
1 x Micro sd xd card case Cube
1 x USB memory card reader
1 x USB cable