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Goldenwide® Combo Of DPN And Circular Carbonized Bamboo Knitting Needles Promotion

Start to enjoy your knitting work now with our combo.

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Goldenwide® Combo Of DPN And Circular Carbonized Bamboo Knitting Needles

GREAT COMBO: 5 Sets of 15 Sizes 8'' (20cm) Bamboo DPN Kits and 18 pairs 16'' (40cm) Circular Bamboo Knitting Needles Set. No matter you are a beginner or an explorer, this combo can be a great choice for your knitting. If you want a softer work use the straight kit, if you want a denser work use the circular kit.

SIZE RANGE: all of the most popular sizes range from 2mm to 10mm for both kits, help you finish various kinds of knitting. The measurements are marked on each needles, you can find the size you want easily.

MATERIAL: Carbonized Bamboo. This fantastic combo of knitting needles is made from bamboo which has been bleached for a smooth finish to avoid any rough edges. It's environmental protection. With the bamboo needles you can get softer work than metal needles.

SMOOTHER AND LIGHTER - they are completely different from metal hooks. They are smoother and lighter which is great for those who suffer from joint pain as they require less tension and come with a handy thumb rest. The wooden quality and feel is always rated top by knitting and crochet enthusiasts!

WARRANTY: 100% money back guarantee without any questions if you are not satisfied. Try them now by CLICKING the "Add to Cart" button.