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Goldenwide MJX X101 FPV RC Quadcopter Drone Promotion

Possessing a beautiful shape and colorful searchlights makes the drone look more attractive, like a white eagle.

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Goldenwide MJX X101 FPV RC Quadcopter Drone

Unique Industrial Design: Possessing a beautiful shape and colorful searchlights makes the drone look more attractive, like a white eagle. Extra packed with 1 x 7.4V 1200mAh Li-Po battery, 1 x Lipo Battery Guard Safe Bag, 1 x LiPo Voltage Checker + Warning Buzzer
THROTTLE ALTITUDE LIMITER: You can adjust the altitude limiter settings on the transmitter according to your preferences to prevent the drone from fly-away. Throttle limit mode is designed for protecting the safety of beginners. You don’t need to worried about the quadcopter will be out of control and reduce the risk of losing your favourite copter
FPV FUNCTION: Come with FPV HD C4008 Camera with Wi-Fi FPV Real Time Transmission. Offering you a wonderful experience to have a sense of the world from your smart device with all new FPV Real Time feature, you can download and install the FPV software to your Smartphone and then enjoy it
PERFECT PHOTO PLATFORM: If you are a sports photography fans who like taking photos with professional action camera, this quadcopter will be your good choice. It flies stable, a perfect photo platform compatible with most action camera: Gopro Hero, SJ4000, SJ5000. (Mount not included)
EASY TO CONTROL: Under the headless mode, the direction will be the same as your transmitter, help take back control of the copter easier after a series of complicated movements. One key return function makes it more efficiently to find the way home Instead of losing the aircraft for any levers of player. With 2.4GHz Technology and the latest 6-axis Gyro flight control systems, fly with strong stability, easily implement various flight movements such as 360 degree eversion.

Gabriel Trindade Rojo Gabriel Trindade Rojo  

Https:// I Recently Got This Quadcopter For Review And Got An Awesome Discount If I Posted A Review On Facebook And Twitter So Here We Go! I Feel Like This Is A Decent Quadcopter Its Not Amazing But Its Not Bad It Definitely Has More Features Then The Competition For This Price Range Such As A Wifi Enabled Camera That's Also HD. Another Thing Which Is Pretty Unheard Of For A Entry Level Quadcopter Of This Price Is It Comes With Two Batteries And A Explosion Proof Bag For Your Batteries. The Build Quality Is Good It Does Not Feel Cheap Its A Much Stronger Plastic Then You Would See In Regular Quads Of This Price And The Design Is Actually Painted On Its Not Stickers. Assembly Is Where I Think The Downfall Is, The Landing Gear Is Hard To Install Because Of The Very Tiny Screws You Have To Install (2 For Each Of The Landing Gears). Another Let Down With Assembly Is The Props, You Are Supposed To Screw In 1 Screw On The Side Of Each Prop Holding It In Place And This Would Be Find If It Had Threads Where The Screws Are Supposed To Go In, The Way Its Currently Set Up You Can Just Push It In With Little Effort And Honestly This Is A Major Concern During Flight As I Fear The Prop Might Fly Up And Off The Quad. Besides That It Flies Well Doesn't Drift Much In The Wind Or Indoors. The Lights Are Bright Enough To Fly At Night But I Would Not Recommend You Do That. Now Moving On To The App For The Camera, It Works Well The Wifi Transmission Has Less Lag Then My GoPro So That's A Plus, This Is Most Likely Because The Camera On This Quad Has A Dedicated Transmission Antenna. Now The Video Quality Isn't Amazing Its Pretty Narrow But It Isn't Shaky Its Decent To Play Around With And The Photos Are Also Decent. The App Is Easy To Use And Is Responsive I Did Not Experience Any Hangs Or Glitches. Taking All This Into Account I Would Give It A 6/10 Its A Great Starter Quad Copter
Omar Colunga Omar Colunga  

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Katherine Woodrum Katherine Woodrum  

FPV Show You New Scenery: By Fpv Real Time Transmission,you Can See Exactly What Your Camera Sees From An All New Perspective,it`s Your Flying Camera. Headless Mode Help You Take Off: By Using Headless, No Need To Adjust The Position Of Aircraft Before Flying,the Direction Will Be The Same As You...
Mike Dionis Mike Dionis  

Goldenwide MJX X101 FPV RC Quadcopter Drone With HD Camera
Mike Dionis Mike Dionis  

Https:// I Have To Be Honest I Wasn't Expecting Much Because It Wasn't One I Heard Much About But Let Me Try To Sum It Up. The Packaging Is By Far The Best Packed I Have Seen In A Quadcopter. All The Contents Were Wrapped And Secured Very Nicely . It Is A Thicker Plastic Shell Not Like Other Models I Have Owned And It's Design Is Very Aerodynamic. It Comes With An Extra Set Of Blades That Are Much Like Some Of My Hobby Grade Copters. It Comes With An Adjustable Camera That Works Straight From Your Smart Phone. Now I Know It's Wifi And Range Is Limited But It's Great For Framing Pictures. Included 4gb Sd Card Although I Recommend A Sandisk. Smooth And Agile Flight 3 Rates From Beginner To Advanced Flight Time Was Approx 11 Mins And I Also Received An Extra Battery. It's Pretty Simple If You Want A Versatile Quad This Is It. I Can Validate That This Is A Solid Drone Very Easy To Fly And Very Stable. I Would Definitely Suggest These To Anyone That Is Interested In Getting One And Learning To Fly. This Is A Perfect Drone To Learn With.
Gabriel Trindade Rojo Gabriel Trindade Rojo  

Check out this quadcopter its really nice has a wifi hd camera and its easy to fly! Not even a bad price!