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GoCooper Dogs Cooling Gel Mat Pads Pet Cat Cool Bed Promotion

Dog Cool Mat will keep your pet 7-9 degrees below ambient temperature.

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GoCooper Dogs Cooling Gel Mat Pads Pet Cat Cool Bed

GoCooper Brand provide a wide selection of unique designer products for the most playful member of your family. All designed and made with love, although GoCooper is small and young.

Does your dog feel uncomfortable and hot during summer?

Dog Cool Mat will keep your pet 7-9 degrees below ambient temperature. You dogs and cats will love the soothing coolness & cushioning comfort that is scientifically designed and press activated pet cooling mat. Conventional dog beds absorb & trap your dog's body heat, creating an uncomfortable hot spot. Our Cooling Mat Not Only Reduces Exhaustion & Overheating, but It is also recommended by Top Rated Veterinarians to Help Reduce & Treat pet disease.

Key Features
* Ready TO USE: Delivers an Instant and Continuous cooling sensation
* EASY-TO-CLEAN: Simply wipe the mat with a mix of mild soap and water and let dry.
* Flexible Mat Folds Flat; Retains its Shape Over Time
* Perfect for beds, crates, kennels or late it flat on the floor
* Large Size, 35.4 X 19.6 Inchs, design for not only puppies but also large dog, or cats
* PERFECT PET TREATMENT: Help Reduce & Treat Pain,Aches, Heatstroke,Stress,Epilepsy,Seizures,Skin Conditions,Cushing's Disease,Hip Dysplasia & Old Age

Avoid your dog to chew it up, train dog to accustom new item.
Simply wipe the mat with a mix of mild soap and water and let dry

Package Included
1 X Pet Cooling Mat

Tristan Luciotti Tristan Luciotti  

Need A Cool Spot For The Fur Babies This Summer??? The Cooling Mat Features Pressure Activated Cool Gel That Delivers An Instant And Continuous Cooling Sensation, Which Keeps Your Favorite Pet 7-9 Degrees Below Ambient Temperature. Non-Toxic, Completely Latex-Free Material Is 100% Safe For Animals, Adults & Kids; Large Size: 35.4 X 19.6 Inches. Easy To Clean, Simply Clean It With Soap & Water, Wipe Dry & Transfer To Your Next Location , Which Keeps Your Mattress Cooling Pad Dry, Fresh, & Clean With No Hassle. The Pad Mat Sturdy Makeup Provides Ample Cushioning Support And Is Perfect For Dog Beds, Crates, Kennels Back Seat Of Car Or Late It Flat On The Floor, And An Easy-fold Design That Makes Storage And Travel Effortless. Perfect Treatment For Pain, Aches, Stress, & Older Dogs. We Engineered It To Help Heatstroke, Hip Dysplasia, Cushing's Disease, Allergies, Post Chemotherapy, Skin Conditions, Epilepsy, & Seizures. Here It Is On Amazon! Https://*Version*=1&*entries*=0
Kendra Converse Kendra Converse  

This Review Is For: GoCooper Dogs Self Cooling Gel Mat Pads Pet Cat Cool Beds 35.4" X 19.6" For Dog Crates, Kennels And Beds We Have A Shih Tzu Who Easily Gets Hot In The Summer Weather And Loves To Find A Cold Floor Or Vent To Lay On Inside. However, Since It's Almost Summer, We Are Outside 90% Of The Day And She Wants To Be Out With Us, Then Wants Inside To Cool Down, Back Outside With Us, Then Back Inside.... You Get It. On A Recent 90-degree Sunny Day, I Placed This Cooling Mat On A Blanket In The Shade Of A Tree And Not Only Does She Love The Cushiness Of The Mat, She Stayed Out With Us Most Of The Day And Panted A Lot Less. I Did Receive This Product To Try In Exchange For My Unbiased And Honest Review. Our Shih Tzu Is Older So I Think The Thickness Of The Mat Is Also Great On Her Hips. She Gets Up And Trots To The Door Easier Than When Lays Direct On The Ground. The Mat Is Easy To Wipe Down And Folds Up When It Needs Moved. So Far It's Working Great For Our Dog And We Are All Looking Forward To A Cool Summer. Learn More: : Https://
Jaime Groleau Jaime Groleau  

Free To Review! Cooling Gel Mat By GoCooper. Made To Cool Your Fur Baby Down When Overheated And To Help With Aches And Pains They May Suffer From. Easy To Clean, Comfortable, And Sharp Looking. My Boys Love It, Especially Since It Has Been Getting So Hot Outside! Http:// #gocooper