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Freegrace Waterproof Pouch And Phone Case Promotion

Max waterproof protection while you are snorkeling or scuba diving! Your phone and wallet will thank you for it!

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Freegrace Waterproof Pouch And Phone Case

Note please this is for "Freegrace Premium Waterproof Pouch with Waist/shoulder Strap -Protect Your Valuable Items Safe, Dry and Clean from Water Submersion"

Color: Pure Black(Opaque) + Waterproof Case

✔ VALUE SET OF 2 - Waterproof pouch(Pure Black)with waist strap + Waterproof case in Unbeatable Price! Grab this set now and you'll never have to worry about drowning your precious smartphone and any other personal belonging again, these will keep your items SAFE and DRY!
✔ ABSOLUTE WATERPROOF SET - With Your precious smart phone inside waterproof case and put it into waterproof pouch, you will get MAX Waterproof Protection while you are snorkeling or scuba diving! Your phone and wallet will thank you for it!
✔ PROTECTS YOUR PRIVACY and TOUCH-FRIENDLY - Freegrace waterproof pouch keeps your valuables inside the pouch completely hidden from prying eyes and smart phones are fully usable inside case! You can use them in water parks, pool, beach, kayaking, jogging, sauna, white water rafting, dive gear, island hopping, skiing, snowboarding, hiking and all of your life's adventures which involves water, sand, dirt, snow and dust!
✔ ADJUSTABLE WAIST STRAP FOR EXTRA COMFORT - Never have to deal with short and uncomfortable carrying strap again! With applicable waistline: 33.5-46.85 inch, you can fully adjust it as waist pack, cross-body bag, or even shoulder bag.
✔ BIGGER THAN BIGGER - Never have to deal with the limited space again! Our waterproof pouch is the largest size available in Amazon (8.62x6.49'',10% LARGER ). They stay soft and flexible while holding almost anything you want! Including watches, money, passport, keys, cameras, phones, iPad mini, and other personal items. Waterproof case can hold iPhone 6s Plus!