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Frazoni Digital Bbq And Cooking Thermometer With Probe And Timer

No more over or undercooked roasts or bbq! Insert the probe in your roast, and place it in your oven or grill. The main unit stays outside to give you accurate, real time readings so that you know for sure when the food is done to your satisfaction.

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Frazoni Digital Bbq And Cooking Thermometer With Probe And Timer

UNDER OR OVERCOOKED ROASTS OR BARBECUE? Not anymore with the Frazoni Digital BBQ and Cooking Thermometer! Just insert the sensor in the meat, set the temperature target according to your desired level of doneness, and the alarm will beep to tell you when your roast or barbecue is ready. This makes it easy to follow USDA recommended minimum cooking temperatures and rest times, protecting your family from food-borne ilnesses. There's no need to keep opening the oven door or grill cover and letting the heat out. No more cutting the meat to check for complete cooking. Roast faster and save money with this gadget. With easy to use controls, simple instructions and a big screen, this is very user friendly.