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Flexible Cutting Mat Promotion 2 Promotion

This is the second promo of these mats. Only apply if you have not participated in previous promo. The perfect flexible cutting mat for those small jobs that dont require a big board. Quick and easy clean up for time saving in the kitchen.

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Flexible Cutting Mat Promotion 2

Set of 4 Durable, Flexible, Compact, Light Weight and Practical Kitchen Cutting Mat with Food Icons - Eco-friendly

. Amazon Prime members only apply, you will receive a one penny code to buy at Amazon.

• Tired of using that Big cutting board for a sandwich or small job? This set is convenient and portable for easy clean up.

• Made with ECO-friendly material and anti-slide properties with a beautiful look

• Food icons and measuring scale. It's non-toxic and safe with BACTEKILLER protection

• Bendable for easy transfer of food. Environmentally friendly, made of TPE & PP.

• Compliments large cutting board for efficient and food separation by category.