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Fleur De Sel - Unrefined Sea Salt Promotion

Fleur de Sel is the best salt money can buy! It is pure French sea salt.

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Fleur De Sel - Unrefined Sea Salt

• Fleur de Sel, French for "Flower of Salt", is hand collected from the Guerande Salt Marshes using centuries old techniques.

• Use for: Culinary - Food Grade Salt for consumption: Salt Shaker, Finishing Salt Fleur de Sel is esteemed by chefs as the most amazing sea salt for culinary use with its delicate flavor, light and moist texture and high mineral content. Fleur de Sel is great for seasoning risotto, meats, poultry, fish, vegetables (either steamed or grilled), pasta, salads and can also be sprinkled on top of chocolates & candies.

• This exquisite salt is truly a rare gift from nature. Guerande "paludiers" harvest this salt by skimming the very surface of the salt ponds, obtaining only the salt crystals formed on the top layer.

• BPA Free Plastic Packaging! All Orders Ship Fast and Free Within the United States! We Never Sacrifice Price for Quality, Rest Assured When You Buy With Salts Worldwide You Are Getting The Highest Quality Salt Available on the Market.

• Fleur de Sel is neither crushed nor ground and is from the Nature & Progrès institute in France, a strict certification process ensuring purity and excellence.