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Farmers Blend Coffee - 100% Vietnamese Coffee Promotion

WE are looking for reviews which can write an article about vietnamese coffee culture and introduce our product this way

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Farmers Blend Coffee - 100% Vietnamese Coffee

We are a small batch coffee roaster in Vietnam. Our goal is to promote Vietnamese coffee and the coffee culture here. We use only 100% materials sourced in the country and fair trade our product to help the coffee farmers to increase their living standards thru our direct farm trade relationships.

WE are looking for reviews which can write an article about vietnamese coffee culture and introduce our product this way. Also we would love to get a video review and a demonstration on how to make vietnamese coffee.

The coffee comes in beans, so you would need a grinder as well as a vietnamese filter....

Linda Baker Linda Baker  

Vietnamese Ice Coffee Is An Intensely Brewed Coffee Concentrate That Drips Down Into A Tall Glass Of Ice And A Big Spoonful Of Sweetened Condensed Milk. If You Love Coffee, And Have Only Tried Weak, Watered Down Coffee Served Over Ice, You’re In For A Big Awakening. Vietnamese Ice Coffee Is Creamy, Rich, Smooth And Sweet. And Really Yummy. I Got The Chance To Review Coffee, Ah Yes My Favorite In Return For My Unbiased Opinion. First Of All If You Are Going To Do Vietnamese Coffee Right You Need A VN Filter And You Can Get One Of These At Asian Markets Or Online At Places Like Amazon, For About $1.5-$6. Grind Farmers Blend Med Ground, Get 2 Glasses, Fill One To The Brim With Ice Add 2 Tbsp Sweetend Condensed Milk Add 2 Tbsp Ground Coffee To The Base Of The Coffee Press Wet The Grounds With A Little Bit Of Hot Water, Screew The Press Tight, The Coffee Should Be Packed Well, Pour Boiled Hot Water Into The Coffee Press, Cover With Its Little Hat. Wait, It Will Drip Very Slowly, 3-5 Minutes You Can Adjust The Top If Its Dripping Too Fast Or Too Slow. I Had Never Had This Before, And It Turns Out I Love It Although I Don't Usually Sweeten My Coffee. I Did Run A Pot Through My Regular Coffee Maker And It Was Really Good That Was As Well. As I Said Before, I Received This Product At A Discounted Rate In Return For My Unbiased Opinion. Https://
Linda Baker Linda Baker  

Vietnamese Ice Coffee is an intensely brewed coffee concentrate that drips down into a tall glass of ice and a big spoonful of sweetened condensed milk. If you love coffee, and have only tried weak, watered down coffee served over ice, you’re in for a big awakening. Vietnamese Ice Coffee is creamy, rich, smooth and sweet. and really yummy. I got the chance to review coffee, ah yes my favorite in return for my unbiased opinion. First of all if you are going to do vietnamese coffee right you need a VN filter and you can get one of these at asian markets or online at places like Amazon, for about $1.5-$6. Grind Farmers Blend med ground, get 2 glasses, fill one to the brim with ice add 2 tbsp sweetend condensed milk add 2 tbsp ground coffee to the base of the coffee press wet the grounds with a little bit of hot water, screew the press tight, the coffee should be packed well, pour boiled hot water into the coffee press, cover with its little hat. Wait, it will drip very slowly, 3-5 minutes you can adjust the top if its dripping too fast or too slow. I had never had this before, and it turns out I love it although I don't usually sweeten my coffee. I did run a pot through my regular coffee maker and it was really good that was as well. As I said before, I received this product at a discounted rate in return for my unbiased opinion. f#farmersblendcoffee #vietnamesestyle
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