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EYE PILLOW LAVENDER + Flax Seed Filled + Carry Bag Promotion

SAVASANA NOW EYE PILLOW is: luxurious, comfortable, multifunctional and aromatherapeutic

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EYE PILLOW LAVENDER + Flax Seed Filled + Carry Bag

- LUXURIOUS: Meticulously crafted from the finest of silk material.
- COMFORTABLE: silk feel, conforms to the contours of your face/body, blocks out light.
- MULTIFUNCTIONAL: feels great to relax eyes, and facial muscles, neck & shoulder muscles. Use as heat pack, cold compress, and at room temperature.
- AROMATHERAPEUTIC: filled with all-natural lavender & flax seed to offer softness and a truly remarkable scent.

- THERAPEUTIC USES: migraine relief, hot flashes, treat puffy eyes, tension headaches, spa eye mask, in massage therapy, during hypnosis, reflexology, Reiki or meditation.
- USE WITH AUDIO FOR: anxiety relief, stress relief to effortlessly calm down and relax, home yoga practice
- USE WITH SLEEP TIME AUDIO: as sleep aid, sleep better, to fall asleep.
- ENHANCE YOGA PRACTICE: carry bag makes it ideal for bringing to gentle yoga classes.
- CHILL IN FREEZER: help alleviate migraines puffy eyes, and hot flashes.
- HEAT INNER SACK IN MICROWAVE: use to melt away tension.
- HAND WASHABLE OUTER COVERING: suitable for massage therapists for use with clients.