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EVOLV GEAR Running Armband Promotion

Enhance your exercise experience now!

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EVOLV GEAR Running Armband

Need reviews as part of official product launch!

Enhance your exercise experience now!

• Are you tired of being out of shape or lacking motivation to exercise regularly?
• Did you try a Samsung Galaxy armband but found that it was bulky and uncomfortable, shifted during exercise or completely fell apart?
• Have you already purchased an iPhone running armband and were disappointed since it did not comfortably fit on your arm?

According to ACE (American Council on Exercise) music can help motivate you during exercise and can build your endurance by 15%.
However, you need to have the proper resources to be able to comfortably listen to your favorite music while you exercise...

The Smartphone Armband by EVOLV GEAR is the solution you have been waiting for!

• The Galaxy S5 armband is so thin and comfortable that you will barely even feel it on your arm while you exercise
• Thin, innovative Velcro strap is incredibly strong, easily adjustable and will not detach or need to be adjusted while exercising
• iPhone running armband is custom fit for small to medium arms (8" to 14") & also available in 2nd size for large to x-large arms (12" to 18") to provide best comfort

There is a reason why we get mostly 5 star reviews so do not hesitate to buy our product ESPECIALLY at this unbelievably LOW price!!!
Limited quantities available so you must act fast!
Satisfaction Guaranteed backed by Lifetime Warranty!!!


- Not for iPhone 6/6S PLUS / S7 Edge & will not fit bulky cases such as Otter Boxes

- Larger size for 12" to 18" arms also available on Amazon (click on seller "EVOLV GEAR")