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Eudaly Super Moisturizer Hand Cream Promotion

There is no real cure for eczema. But there are ways to make the symptoms bearable or even go away.

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Eudaly Super Moisturizer Hand Cream

Everything began with the Eudaly Super Moisturizer Hand Cream. To be more precise, it started when the boss developed hand eczema. There is no real cure for eczema. But there are ways to make the symptoms bearable or even go away. Some people stop eating Pizza (not an option for the boss), some immerse in meditation and most use all kinds of creams to soothe the symptoms of their flare ups. When the boss gets a bad one (like an OMG-it-is-tax-season-again flare up) a steroid cream used to be the course of treatment. It really works, but the longterm side effects can be very bad.

And so we began to research hand creams. We got them all - Burt's Bees, Hand Shit, O'keefe's, Aveeno, ... you name it, you find a jar or glass somewhere in the lab. Unfortunately, none of the creams was perfect. Some were too oily, some did not smell right, some where too soft, some were made in China and so on.

To make a long story short, the boss is in love with our Super Moisturizer Hand Cream. He always keeps a jar in his pockets and uses it everywhere - even during staff meetings. You know what, it really works. The hand eczema is barely visible and we haven't seen the tell-tale signs of cracked skin on fingers in a long time.

We love the cream too - especially in comparison with all the other hand creams that we enjoyed testing. Now it is time to find out how you like it...