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EP05 Earbuds Earphone Promotion

Medical silicone earpods, health, good elasticity. Bullet-shaped silicone earpods.

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EP05 Earbuds Earphone

Medical silicone earpods, health, good elasticity, not easy to dirty

Bullet-shaped silicone earpods : Wearing more comfortable, prevent sound leakage and enhance bass sound

1) Ear shell with aluminum materials, enhanced bass and difficult to corrosion
2) Monopolar oxidation process, can play anti-magnetic, anti-static, and no corrosion and never fade

NdFeB magnets speaker,speaker diaphragm is using German technology, diaphragm structure can enhance the echo effect.

Bass : bass dive deep, strong rebound and has no shortage of rebound control. which create a very good appeal and shocking, rational and passionate. A kind of majestic feeling of momentum

Middle and high tones: transparent emotionally rich full sound,Good performance for classic.

One hole on the earbuds,To ensure airflow smooth and Prevent sound suppressed .

High elastic TPE wire, containing 32 stocks copper wire, copper wire material is TPC (copper): 99.5%. the cable has been tested by pull test , swing testing, aging testing

3 pairs of small,middle,large silicone earpods

Metal splitter and plug , Guarantee the life of the product

Mic surface has UV process.the mic has following function: Pause/play music;Next/Last song; Fast Forward/Fall back; Answer/Hang up/Refuse the call.


1: Do not use the headphones when sleeping
2: Wipe the sweat after using headphones
3: Do not use earbuds when smoking
4: Do not always listen to music with large volume
5: Keep away from magnets
6: Keep away from moisture
7: Headphone cable do not often intertwined.
8: Keep away from chemicals