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Eliclaire Baby Carrier Wrap Promotion

Eliclaire Wrap Baby Sling the best baby carrier wrap for your baby

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Eliclaire Baby Carrier Wrap

Eliclaire Wrap Baby Sling

You've just got home from the maternity hospital and everything hurts. You can't take your eyes off your baby for a moment and both of you just wish to spent all your time together. Your baby also protests this fact loudly when you put him or her down. But how do you cope with the housework, cooking, cleaning and shopping with a baby in your arms? This is simple - with Eliclaire Baby Carrier Wrap! After a little practice, you'll be able to wrap your baby in a position that is comfortable for both of you in just a few minutes. Baby will feel safe and content. You can also breast-feed and baby will soon fall asleep. As a bonus, you have your hands free for housework and shopping.

Our Eliclaire Wrap Baby Sling:
- is sufficiently stretchy to keep baby comfortable, while not allowing him / her to shift down
- is sufficiently thick to keep your baby safe, but not too thick to block ventilation
- is suitable for newborn or older infants, with the use of different tying methods
- is suitable for various purposes e.g. as an underlay, blanket, nursing cover, sun protection, etc.

With Eliclaire Baby Carrier Wrap:
- reach places where a stroller can't go
- the weight is distributed correctly over the entire back and shoulders

With your Eliclaire Baby Carrier Wrap you will receive:
- a fabric bag with a strap, in the same color as the wrap
- an instruction manual including safety instructions
- a continuous smile on the face of your infant

Buy our Eliclaire Baby Carrier Wrap at the special starting price.