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Electronic Pedicure, Comsun Callus Remover Perfect Foot Promotion

Enjoy painless electric pedicure and remove your calluses with more precision at the simple touch of a button.

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Electronic Pedicure, Comsun Callus Remover Perfect Foot

• FOOT SHAVER: Tired of scrubbing your feet with grater-like tools? With this electric callous remover, say good-bye to pumice stone and hello to your favorite sandals! Pamper your feet with spa-like pedicure in the comfort of your home. Use it and watch years of callused skin give way to baby-soft skin in just minutes! Included spare micro-abrasive particle roller head provides further intimate care to your feet, gently remove hard and tough skin to rejuvenate your sole skin in seconds!

• COMFORT TO LAST: Tired of scrubbing your feet for hours in the shower? Innovative design gives you best results in less time. You can even use the callus remover while watching TV! Ergonomic design. The roller of the electric callus remover is made of quartz micro mineral crystals designed for long-term use. 11% more surface area in the roller than similar products, improving your results

• SAFE THAT MATTERS: Foot file, razor blades and pumice stones can damage your skin. With our product, you can gently exfoliate to diminish calluses and smooth your feet without injuring or abrading. It may be gentle, but it's far more effective than any manual tools! With 360 degree roller spin passes over more areas faster and smoother, detachable roller head for easier and more thorough cleaning

• EASY TO USE: Enjoy painless electric pedicure and remove your calluses with more precision at the simple touch of a button. No more sitting in awkward positions trying to reach affected spots with a razor while also trying to prevent hurting yourself. Our Tool is electric motor packs more power than the competition, that takes away more dead skin in much less time!

• WATER RESISTANT: Why spend hours trying to clean your pedicure tool with a brush or cloth? The Comsun electronic pedicure is fully IPX4 water resistant rated and can safely be rinsed with water to clean it in just seconds