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Electronic Mouse Repellent - GizmoMate Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Promotion

GizmoMate's patented technology uses two ultrasonic waves and one super-low electromagnetic wave.

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Electronic Mouse Repellent - GizmoMate Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY THAT WORKS - Unlike most repellers that only emit 1 ultrasonic wave, GizmoMate's patented technology uses TWO ultrasonic waves and ONE super-low electromagnetic wave. These waves constantly alternate, ensuring pests do not adapt or become immune. Color-coded LED display for easy monitoring.

REPEL RODENTS FAST - Effects can be observed almost immediately, as the waves highly irritate pests and renders them extremely uncomfortable, forcing them to flee. Electromagnetic waves sends signals deep within walls to drive rodents out of their nesting places in walls and ceilings.

EASY TO USE & CHEMICAL-FREE - Simply plug it into any standard power outlet and it begins working. Drives out pests without killing them using harmful chemicals, traps, sprays. You'll never have to clean up dead pests again. Save THOUSANDS on costly pest control services.

WIDE COVERAGE - Coverage area up to 1100 sq ft. More than enough for your home, garden, or backyard. Recommended to install one device in each infected room for best results. Completely safe for you and your family.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - All-new modern design looks great in your home. Comes backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee for a risk-free peace of mind. Typical results can take 2-3 weeks depending on the intensity of infestation.