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EkSel Watermelon Slicer Stainless Steel Cutter Scooper Corer Promotion

Slices watermelon with ease and no mess.

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EkSel Watermelon Slicer Stainless Steel Cutter Scooper Corer

Watermelon slicer with FREE melon baller!
Slices watermelon with ease and no mess.
Made from Premium Quality Stainless Steel with unique round edge design to make slicing even easier.
Search for "eksel watermelon" on YouTube and watch our video & see how easy it is to use ekSel watermelon slicer! FREE Melon Baller for you so you can create elegant & delicious fruit salads, cocktails!

BONUS absolutely FREE eBook "Delicious Watermelon & Melon Grill, Salad, Cocktail Recipes" with your purchase

Ashlynn Suber Ashlynn Suber  

I LOVE WATERMELON...but I Have Always Hated Cutting It. It Makes Such A Huge Mess. And Time Consuming! And Hoping You Have A Big Enough Knife Since You Know You Purchased The Biggest One You Could Find! LOL I Know I Am Right Because I Do Exactly The Same Thing! I Wish They Had Invented These Watermelon Slicers Years Ago. This Has Made My Love Of Watermelon, Cantaloupe, And Honeydew Melons Even Stronger! And Yes I Do Use It On All Melons I Buy! Pros: Not Only Cuts Perfect Slices But Also Allows You To Lift Out The Slices At The Same Time Simple To Use; Just Follow The Easy To Read Instructions And You Cannot Go Wrong Comes With A Melon Baller And Corer Not To Large So Easily Stored With Cooking Utensils Includes A Great Recipe E Book And Calorie Facts! Easy To Clean And Can Even Be Sterilized Cons: It Does Take A Bit Of Getting Used To So Be Patient And Follow The Instructions. If At First You Don't Succeed, Try Try Again! I Did Receive This Product At A Discount Or Free For Testing And Review Purposes. All Opinions Are My Own And Have Not Been Coerced In Any Way By Anyone.
Tiffeny Monson Tiffeny Monson  

Watermelon Slicer With FREE Melon Baller! Slices Watermelon With Ease And No Mess. Made From Premium Quality Stainless Steel With Unique Round Edge Design To Make Slicing Even Easier. FREE Melon Baller For You So You Can Create Elegant & Delicious Fruit Salads, Cocktails! BONUS Absolutely FREE EB...
Elle Veillion Elle Veillion  

This EkSel Watermelon Slicer (and Free Melon Baller) Is Seriously One Cool Gadget! I Was Able To Get It At A Discount For Giving My Honest, Unbiased Review, And It Is So Cool! It Slices Through Watermelon With Ease, It's Kid Safe, And It Keeps My Mess At A Minimum!! Check It Out For Yourself! #eksel_watermelon_slicer Https://