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EkSel Non Stick Reusable Grilling Bags Panini Toaster Bags Promotion

Made from FDA approved materials.

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EkSel Non Stick Reusable Grilling Bags Panini Toaster Bags

Healthy grilling with no mess: Grill Meat, Chicken, Fish, Water Melon! Make Delicious Panini in your George Foreman, Breville. Panini comes out crispy with infused flavours. No need to use any butter or oil. Season meat, chicken, turkey, fish: place in the bag and grill. Seasoning is infused into food, all meat turn into a succulent feast.

Serve grilled food with wonderful looking grill marks and tasting delicious. Use in Grill, Toaster, Microwave, Oven: Reheat snacks, pizzas, nuggets, vegetables and more in minutes! Reheat left-over food in microwave with no mess! They are easy to clean. Simply wash with warm soapy water, rinse and let dry. These bags are great for gluten-free diet and for people with any food allergy; your food never touches the grill and never picks up any gluten remnants.

Great for travelling & holidays - Keeps gluten free food gluten free - no cross contamination. They are made from FDA approved materials. The material is PTFE coated woven fibreglass. Bags are PFOA & BPA free. ekSel Grilling Bags are strong, non stick, and reusable over 100 times, Much better than baking parchments and environmentally friendly. Grilling Bags are Large 9.85" x 5.91" - Large Side is the Open Side. They will accommodate steak, chicken pieces, Water Melon Slices, Panini and more. We recommend ordering a second set for travelling and holidays.

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