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EkSel Grill Oven BBQ Mats & Baking Sheet Cooking Liner Promotion

No need to use oils or fats ever again.

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EkSel Grill Oven BBQ Mats & Baking Sheet Cooking Liner

Non stick Surface for Healthy Meals & Better Taste, Heat Resistant, Durable & FDA approved - No need to use OILS or FATS ever again. BBQ anything & get Grill Marks: meat, chicken, sausages, eggs, cheese, sauces, pizzas without sticking to the Barbecue Grill. Throw away that old grill brush.

USE WITH ANY GRILL or OVEN - ekSel cooking mat works with any kind of gas or electric Oven, cut to any size or shape to fit any need, perfect baking mat! Use with - Weber, Charbroil, Big Green Egg, smoker, charcoal, propane, gas, or electric grills. PFOA & BPA Free materials and premium PTFE-Fiberglass coating.

EASY CARE - Never have to scrape your oven, Never BBQ on a nasty, dirty grill grate AGAIN! Keeps your food from falling between the grates or sticking to the grill! Dishwasher safe and reusable makes clean up a breeze! In no time, you'll be grilling like a pro.

BONUS Get 2 eBooks absolutely FREE "Delicious Healthy BBQ Recipes" & "Weight Watchers Recipes"

MONEY BACK - 100% RISK FREE Your Satisfaction is our TOP Priority, IF not satisfied for any reason, just return for a full REFUND No Questions asked

Talia Smith Talia Smith  

I Love My New Grill Mats Makes Grilling SO Much Better!! Https://
Diana Hickey Diana Hickey  

EkSel Grill Oven BBQ Mats & Baking Sheet Cooking Liner Woven Fiberglass Reusable Non Stick 1 Black & 1 Beige; Set Of 2 Nice Product. I Used The Black One On Outdoor Charcoal Grill And Made Steaks. I Was Impressed Right From The Start. It Didn’t Burst Into Flames Or Burn At All. Actually Worked Well. It Kept My Steak Very Juicy And Not Burnt. I Used A Very Small Grill And The Mat Extended The Entire Surface. When I Covered The Grill The Excess Matt Just Folded Over And Down. I Suggest That You Not Do It This Way. I Will Be Trimming The Mat Down So It Is About ½ Inch Or So From The Grills Edge. All The Drippings Stayed On The Top Of The Mat And I Had To Dump It Off When Done Cooking. Food Cooked Evenly And Relatively Fast. I Didn’t Time It But I’m Thinking Maybe A Little Faster Than Usual. I Removed The Mat With My Fingers (no Gloves) Right From The Grill. Dropped It Into Soapy Water (after Dishes) And It Washed Excellently. Very Simple, No Scrubbing. I Think The EkSel Grill Oven BBQ Mats & Baking Sheet Would Work Awesome With Fish Or Any Other Small/delicate Types Of Foods. As For The Directions, Look For Them As An Attachment In The Email You’ll Get When Purchasing As It Is Not In The Box Where You Would Expect It To Be, (well I Would Anyway.) I Just Found This Attachment Now, While Looking For The Two Free Books That Are Supposed To Come With The Order. I Just Got Done Writing A Note To Them Asking Where They Are As I Either Misplace It Or Never Got It. Satisfied And Would Recommend As A Safe Buy 4 U
Rich Klingler Rich Klingler  

I Bought BBQ Mats To Try Out On The Lake When Barbequing. I Made Up A Review, So Here It Is: Nothing Sticks To Them So The Possibilities Are Endless. I Also Have A Tee Shirt Heat Press And The Teflon Sheet Is Getting Worn. I Am Going To Put One Of These On The Press To Replace The Worn Out One. The Price Of These Compared To The Heat Press Ones Are Night And Day. I Find That Now I Can Grill Anything And Not Use Oil Or Grease. Also, In The Oven Under Pie Dishes Works Great To Catch The Boil Overs Where I Do Not Have To Clean The Oven. Now I Need Some Of These For My Camper. Even For Cooking Burgers They Are Great Because The Burgers Never Fall Between The Grates. Fries On The Side, No Problem Barbeque Has Gone To A Whole Nuther Level. My Barbeque On The Boat And The One At The House Never Cooked Uniformly Because Of Hot Spots Or The Breeze. With The Sheets, You Get A Uniform Cook And No More Sticking To The Grates. The Burger Turn Out Juicier Because When All Of The Fat Drips Off Into The Fire It Created A Bon Fire.. With The Sheets, The Burgers Cook In Some Fat And That Makes Them Juicier Plus No More Fires Because The Fat Runs Away From The Burgers Before Dripping Down Along The Edge Of The Barbeque Not Over The Burners So The Fat Does Not Catch Fire. It's Ingenious. One Of The Best And Healthiest Things To Cook On The Grill Is Vegetables. But They Are Also Impossible To Cook On The Grill. Until Now.. All I Do Is Spread Out The Raw Vegetables On The Mat, Spray Them With Some Olive Oil And Season Them. Then I Place The Mat On The Grill And In No Time They Are Ready. INCLUDED E-BOOKS: These Are Very Helpful To Get You Started On All The Things You Can Do With These Sheets. BEST PART: Don't Like Anything About Them, They Will Take Them Back, No Problem So You Don't Have To Believe Me. Just Try Them And You Will See. They Really Are Great. If You Want To Check Them Out, Here Is Where I Bought Them: Https://
Joanna Neal Joanna Neal  

Https:// I Used These Mats Once On A Grill And Did Not Like The Outcome. I Am Giving The Product For Start, Because It Is And Performs Like Advertised. The Mats Are Non Stick, They Clean Well, Didn't Have Any Chemical Smell To Them And Seem To Perform As Promised. I Did Not Try Washing Them In A Dishwasher, Only Rinsed It Under The Sink. The Biggest Problem Was That The Food Was Getting Steamed, Not Grilled. I Tried Grilling A Piece Of Salmon On It And Would Have Ended Up With Steamed Or At The Very Best, Pan Cooked Fish, Instead Of The Desired Grilled Flavor And Texture. I Promptly Removed The Fish Off The Mat To Continue Grilling Without It. The Idea For The Product Seems Valid. I Can See How It Would Make Grilled Smaller Items Easier And Keep The Grill Clean. It Just That The Material Isn't Porous Enough To Allow For Grilling Vs Steaming. I Like The Mats, As They Seem Well Made And It Seems Like A Shame Not To Use Them. I'll See If They Work As Baking Sheets In A Regular Oven. Disclaimer: I Received This Product For Free In Exchange For My Honest And Unbiased Opinion. I Only Choose To Review Products That I Think I'll Like And Use, But I Will Leave A Critical Review If Necessary.
Elle Veillion Elle Veillion  

So I Received These EkSEl Grill Mats To Review, And I Love Them!! They Work Well For The Grill AND The Oven! I Highly Recommend Checking These Out Because They Just Made My Life So Much Easier!! #eksel_grill_mat Https://
Bethany Burleson Bethany Burleson