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EkSel BBQ Huge Grill And Baking Mats Promotion

Great for BBQ & Baking; fantastic for grilling meat, fish, practically everything Authors must have Amazon prime & paypal account

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EkSel BBQ Huge Grill And Baking Mats

BBQ problems

food fall onto fire through the grill grates

flames burn the meat

BBQ set is in a mess

It is a big job to clean the BBQ set

Features of ekSel BBQ mats

Non-stick, Teflon like (PTFE coated fibreglass)

Nothing falls on grill fire - no oil flames

Grill almost anything in a healthy way

Fruits - See our eBook for delicious recipes

Steak, Ribs, Burgers, Bacon, Sausages

Kabobs, Chicken, Turkey

Fish, squid, shrimps, prawns

Vegetables; peppers, tomatoes, asparagus and more

Eggs, Omelette, Pizzas, hash browns and more

FDA approved