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Earphone In-ear Earbuds Headphones With Microphone Headphone Earbud Promotion

Try out these super comfortable headphones with supreme noise isolation that prevent sound leakage and enhance bass sound.

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Earphone In-ear Earbuds Headphones With Microphone Headphone Earbud

Using 7 MM Double Magnetic Pronunciation Unit, frequency response up to 6-31000HZ, ultimate sensitivity up to 120db
Isolate noise and deliver the high definition sounds with the sonic filter.
Full power bass.
Large high-efficiency drivers play loud without distortion.
3 sizes (S/M/L) soft silicone ear buds for a super comfortable, noise isolating fit, and a rugged travel case.(M size silicone earpads on the earbuds)
The the low frequency separation degree, vocals, and can match in excellence the analytical ability of moving iron is a bright spot.

Medical silicone earpods, health, good elasticity, not easy to dirty

Bullet-shaped silicone earpods : Wearing more comfortable, prevent sound leakage and enhance bass sound

1) Ear shell with aluminum materials, enhanced bass and difficult to corrosion 2)Monopolar oxidation process, can play anti-magnetic, anti-static, and no corrosion and never fade

NdFeB magnets speaker,speaker diaphragm is using German technology, diaphragm structure can enhance the echo effect.

Bass : bass dive deep, strong rebound and has no shortage of rebound control. which create a very good appeal and shocking, rational and passionate. A kind of majestic feeling of momentum

Middle and high tones: transparent emotionally rich full sound,Good performance for classic.

One hole on the earbuds,To ensure airflow smooth and Prevent sound suppressed .

High elastic TPE wire, containing 32 stocks copper wire, copper wire material is TPC (copper): 99.5%. the cable has been tested by pull test, swing testing, aging testing

3 pairs of small, middle, large silicone earpods

Metal splitter and plug ,
Lifelong guarantee of the product

Mic surface has UV process.the mic has following function: Pause/play music;Next/Last song; Fast Forward/Fall back; Answer/Hang up/Refuse the call.

Amber Goldberg Amber Goldberg  

Never received these...but I'm sure they are wonderful :/
Amber Goldberg Amber Goldberg  

Loving my new wireless headphones! They make gym time a lot easier and the sound great!
I Am DONE!!! I Will Finish My Reviews I Am DONE!!! I Will Finish My Reviews!!  

I Truly Love Kinden Earbuds!! The Sound Cannot Be Put Into Words It Has Amazing Bass! It Could Handle Very Loud Music That Crackling The Microphone Is A Great Plus, I Can Simply Answer Calls Coming In Without Taking Everything Apart. I Am So Highly Impressed To Cruise With Three Size Rubber Tips Small Medium Or Large. It Looks Very Sharp With The Silver By The Earpiece Which Actually Is Metal So You Know It's Going To Last. The Wire Is Over 47 Inches It Does Have A Better Life To It My IPhone Good Stamina Back Safely Very Comfortably It Also Comes With A Very Sleek Carrying Case Which Again Looks Very Sharp Black And Red Zipper With The Brand KINDEN Stamped On The Case! In The Case Has A Small Mesh Holder For The Extra Silicone Your Butts I Do Have A Feeling Since I Told My Son How Great They Worked My Feeling This Will Be Will Be Hijacked! This Item Has Been Tested By Myself I Received This Product For Free Or Discounted Cost To Provide Biased Review
I Am DONE!!! I Will Finish My Reviews I Am DONE!!! I Will Finish My Reviews!!  

#earbuds #greatbass #KINDENDOESITAGAIN Fab earbuds with built in microphone! Must have #giveawayservice #AmazonPrime
Kyle Morris Kyle Morris  

The Kinden In Ear Headset Come In Stylish Carbon Fiber Hard Case With Red Zipper And The Logo Printed On One Side. Inside Are The Headset With The Medium Size Ear Buds Already Installed. Also Incl…
I Am DONE!!! I Will Finish My Reviews I Am DONE!!! I Will Finish My Reviews!!  

I truly love Kinden earbuds!! The sound cannot be put into words it has amazing bass! It could handle very loud music that crackling the microphone is a great plus, I can simply answer calls coming in without taking everything apart. I am so highly impressed to cruise with three size rubber tips small medium or large. It looks very sharp with the silver by the earpiece which actually is metal so you know it's going to last. The wire is over 47 inches it does have a better life to it my iPhone good stamina back safely very comfortably it also comes with a very sleek carrying case which again looks very sharp black and red zipper with the brand KINDEN stamped on the case! In the case has a small mesh holder for the extra silicone your butts I do have a feeling since I told my son how great they worked my feeling this will be will be hijacked! This item has been tested by myself I received this product for free or discounted cost to provide biased review
Amber Goldberg Amber Goldberg  

What A Great Set Of Wireless Headphones. I Really Liked That They Came With Different Ear Bud Sizes So I Could Find The One That Fit Me Best And Wouldn't Fall Out When I Run. They Were Quick And Easy To Charge Right At My Computer. The Buttons Are Easy To Find And Navigate When Scrolling Through My Music Choices. I Was Surprised To Here A Voice Letting Me Know What I Was Doing! The Sound Quality Is Great. I Tried Country, Pop And Hip-hop. The Bass Sounded Really Nice So That Was Plus! It Would Be Nice If They Came With A Carrying Case...since I Can't Plug Them In And Wrap Them Around My Ipod Or Cell Phone. I Enjoyed That I Could Wear Them All Over The Gym. In The Past I Have Caught My Headphone Cords On Gym Equipment And Had Them Yank Out Of My Ears, Not Fun. Now I Don't Have To Worry About Any Of That. I Look Forward To Using Them At Work As Well For The Phones. Https://