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Digital Wireless BBQ Thermometer Promotion

Larger and backlit LCD display helps you to read the temperatures with the ease.

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Digital Wireless BBQ Thermometer

RenGard RG-07 BBQ Thermometer: A Smart device for easier culinary.

Everyone loves your dishes. And you love it when they praise your recipes. You work hard to make it better each next time. But you know that it's no easy, especially when it comes to the foods like meat, pork, roast, etc. It's confusing even for the pros to guess the exact condition of their food inside the oven or smoker, which is why they always use the thermometers.

Do you want your dishes to tastes like those of experts?
Why not better?
Here, we aim for better. And that's why our thermometers come with advanced and straightforward features to ease the overall cooking procedure.

Here follow a few perks that make it the best:

- Clear display: Larger and backlit LCD display helps you to read the temperatures with the ease.
- Durable: Robust steel built needles with rubber sleeve case to confirm a longer lifespan.
- Wireless - Extended Remote Range: No need to cook yourself along with the meat. You can walk as far as 300 ft. from your cookware.
- Countdown & Count up Alarms: No stupid rush. You'll know way before it's the time.
- Personalized Settings: Set your own temperature and alarm rules. Since, settings remain saved within the device, even when the power goes off. You don't have to go through the same procedure again and again.

And much-much more...
Re-read the 'Features & details' and click that 'Add to Cart' button, now! Like said already - we can't wait to taste your yummy dishes.