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Digital Thermometer Promotion

This is Generation Guards digital thermometer for Oral, Auxiliary and rear measurement of body temperature.

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Digital Thermometer

This is Generation Guards digital thermometer for Oral, Axillary and rear measurement of body temperature. The main features include rapid 15 second reading, clinical accuracy to 0.2F and 0.1C, flexible construction and water proof design.

It has been designed with speed and accuracy as a top concern. Secondly the design has been selected due to its reliaiblity and robustness which allows flexibile and comfortable use for children and infants whilst being easy to clean and take care of.

It reads in both Celsius and Fahrenheit whilst retaining the last reading. It comes in premium packaging and a clear plastic carry case for travel and protection of the device.

This will be an Amazon product launch and as such the product is currently only listed on Amazon, additionally as part of the job we will require an unbiased product review is left on the product page.

**This product will be provided free of charge**