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Deshedding Brush For Dogs And Cats Promotion

Highquality stainless blade easily removes up to 90% dead shedding

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Deshedding Brush For Dogs And Cats

Sick and tired of cleaning your house furniture and car of pet's loose hair?
Want your pet's fur look perfect?
Don't want to waste your time for grooming?
Sure that caring about your pet's fur is a hard, boring and long thing?

Now you could forget about it!
Our highquality deshedding brush helps easily remove your pet's loose hair at your home.You no more need constantly vacuuming and cleaning!
Grooming with our brush is a safe and fast way to care about your pet's fur. Not sharp stainless blade carefully removes dead shedding, makes your pet's fur looks healthy and well-conditioned.

Product Description:
Material:stainless steel+TPR+ABS
Blade width:46mm
Total length:15.5cm
Packaging size:12*21cm

Choosing our desheder you get:
* Highquality grooming tool, perfect for long and short hair;
* Professional care about your pet;
* Saving your money and time;
* Healthy and goodlooking pet;
* Now you know that grooming could be nice and fast.