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Delightime LED Full Color Disco Party Light Promotion

It creates dazzling color, shines everywhere, lights up your whole room instantly.

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Delightime LED Full Color Disco Party Light

"Throw a holiday party out there and this little thing will be the icing on the cake!"

✔ AMAZING LED CRYSTAL BALL STAGE LIGHTING - It creates dazzling color, shines everywhere, lights up your whole room instantly
✔ SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE - Automatic rotating and color changing, excellent stability, long working life up to 20000 hrs
✔ BRAND NEW PACKAGING - SMALL SIZE BUT A BIG HIT - Smart substitute for a regular disco mirror ball, which is bulky and cost you more
✔ A+ AWESOME FOR HOME PARTY - It's so easy to install, all you need is a regular light socket, screw it on and just enjoy your lightshow
✔ FREE Bonus & 100% Hassle-free Money Back Guarantee Included

Jason Morris Jason Morris  

Good purchase for fun at the house. Simply insert into your common household lamp, and remove the lampshade! The electricity automatically turns lights and rotation on. There is only 1 speed, medium circular. It is a lightweight bulb. Both of my kids loved it, we turned this on along with some music and had a great time. My son asked if he could keep it in his room at night before he went to bed. Construction: It is all made of plastic but had no major defects or parts sticking out and appeared very well made and the screws went in nicely without any issue for the stand. When I set it up at home, my kids absolutely loved the light Pro: ~ Very small for what it does ~ Good light projection / size of lights ~ Easy to mount in any E27 socket ~ plug and play – power it on/off with a light switch I imagine this light would be useful with a variety of other lights for a party room, there seems to be a variety of these bulbs on Amazon. I think this bulb combined with dangling curtain lights and tempo-controlled unit would be a fun overall effect. Hope I have I been able to helped you to get to know this product better. Have a great day and enjoy your shopping!
Diana Hickey Diana Hickey  

Chillaxing couldn't be better with this Delightime LED Full Color Party Light
Sean-Loan Hornick Sean-Loan Hornick  

Got me a disco party light free now to start a party.
Tammy Lule Tammy Lule  

Delightime LED Full Color Disco Light Party Light - Amazing Stage DJ Lighting, Auto Rotating & Color Changing, Easy Installation, Excellent Performance - Ideal for Home Party. This product is great to get the party started, plugs in standard light sockets. This product automatically rotates in color changing formation when plugged in and so easy to install and takes less than 20 seconds.The colors this party lamp features is red, blue and green. I love this product is not made of glass but of a heavy duty plastic will not heat up like other color bulbs. The top of This product has the shape and appearance of a crystal ball. This product has great performance when plugged in and takes up most of a room with bright vibrant colors and precise color changing movements. I love this product saves energy while creating a dazzling lightshow. I will definately use this product for future parties to create a fun, colorful dancefloor vibe to my guests. The darker it is in the room the more vibrant and colorful this product looks. I recieved this product for free for my honest review. I would defiantly recommend this product to others great for home partys etc. Lights up a whole room with vibrant colors and a super easy installation.
Robert Ritenour Robert Ritenour  

#LEDdiscopartylight ... l used it in my kids bedroom and she loved it. The light covered the whole bedroom with all kinds of awesome colors.
Linda Limas Linda Limas #Delightime Perfect for a party or perfect for relaxing. This is so cute and fun to watch. I am absolutely taken with it.
Amanda Schwantes Amanda Schwantes  

Milo is in awe of our new disco ball light bulb. I just upped the ante on parties :) check it out, so easy...
Sandra Denkins Sandra Denkins  

Delighting LED Full Color Disco Party Light Auto Rotating & Color Changing by Delighting Sold on Amazon