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Dance Wand Massager 10 Speed PRIME DAY PRICE Promotion

Time sale! First come first served!

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  Hashtag:  #meixx

  Business:  Meixx

  Category:  Electronics

  People Can Apply:  07/13/2017 - 07/27/2017

  Final Approval Date:  08/28/2017

  Final Shipment Date:  08/30/2017

  Retail purchase price:  $ 48.98

  Discounted purchase price:  $ 14.49

  Shipping options:  Free shipping

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Dance Wand Massager 10 Speed PRIME DAY PRICE

USING PARTS: Effectively knead the each part of body, can knead breast and relax spine back.
ULTRA-SILENCE: Less than 49 db, Almost silence under normal circumstance, Suitable for different places, such as bedroom, living room, travel, hotel, night entertainment venue and so on.100% waterproof, freely use it in bathroom and swimming pool.
EASY TO CARRY: Small size body, elegant modeling, happiness be with you anytime and anywhere.
HIGH CRADE LITHIUM BATTERY: USB charging for one time, it can be used for 2 hours, have charge port in the bottom, convenient and efficient.
MEDICAL GRADE SILICONE: ABS and silicone are based on strict process, they are made of safest material.