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Crossfit Gloves Promotion

You are a Warrior. The Gym is your Battlefield. Mava Gloves are your Armor.

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Crossfit Gloves

You are a Warrior. The Gym is your Battlefield. Mava Gloves are your Armor.

Mava Sports is proud to bring you the best crossfit & weight lifting gloves on the market. The new Mava Glove was made to solve all your past frustrations, making you feel invincible. Your time is limited, use it wisely. No more excuses. Get ripped and build self esteem!

Strap on Mava Gloves and notice the Huge Benefits:

- Strong Grip: New palm design and extra leather padding guides you into finding the best contact points and minimize grip loss. GRIP MORE LIFT MORE

- Wrist Support: Oversized wrist wrap supplies maximum stability giving you confidence for that last rep

- Hand Protection: Thoughtfully made palm design prevents calluses and blisters, allowing you to not postpone anymore workouts

- Sweat Protection: Neoprene material helps combat sweat and eliminates annoying slippery feeling

What's in the Box?

- 1 pair of extra padded workout gloves with wrist support.

- Special bonus to welcome you into Mava Sports community.

- Plastic storage bag to help you keep your gloves organized.

Who were these Gloves made for:

- Men and Women (both beginners and experienced athletes) who want a more efficient workout