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Cross Necklace - Silver Colored Stainless Steel Promotion

Its simple and elegant design is ideal to wear during the day regardless of your dressing code.

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Cross Necklace - Silver Colored Stainless Steel

WEAR DAY & NIGHT: Its simple and elegant design is ideal to wear during the day no matter your dressing code. It simply goes with everything! Great to wear at night out, as it is so elegant you can fit with your night garments. Perfect fitting on your neck 24/7!

BEAUTIFUL GIFT: The perfect gift for a loved one. Friends or family, they will all fall in love with it. When you offer a symbol of faith to someone it shows how much you care. To have faith and offer a faithful gift is to protect a loved one. Nothing better than to offer a symbol of protection and ultimate love. The gift box included in the pack makes it even more wonderful.

PERFECT QUALITY AT PERFECT PRICES: The cross pendant is made of stainless steel, luminous, sizing 2"high, 1" wide pendant with 21" chain. An excellent quality item for excellent quality people. Place around your neck and feel the emitting simplicity and beauty.

USE DAILY - NO FEAR OF BREAKING: Accompanied by a strong and beautiful chain, the necklace is just right for daily use. The chain is strong enough to remain around your neck. Thus, you are spared of losing it and you will have no fear of the pendant or the chain breaking off.