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CreyArt Color Pencil Set Promotion

CreyArt Color Pencil Set with Drawing, Shading & Coloring Pencils - Colored Pencils for Adults, Teens & Children for Art, Sketching & Coloring Books

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CreyArt Color Pencil Set

• A RAINBOW OF POSSIBILITIES Color pencil set contains 24 art colored pencils, giving you the perfect shade for every task.

• FRIENDLY TO SKIN & TO THE PLANET Our color pencils for adults and kids are made from recycled wood to protect the environment and are nontoxic for skin safety.

• SMOOTH LINES & VIVID COLORS The soft cores of our colored pencils produce vibrant lines without requiring intense pressure, and they glide effortlessly along paper.

• LESS SHARPENING REQUIRED Our coloring pencils have breakage-resistant tips to cut down on the need for sharpening.

• PERFECT FOR ANY CREATIVE TASK Use the art coloring pencils for sketching, shading, coloring books, arts and crafts & more.